Monday, 26 July, 2010

A long journey cut short

Tall trees which cover the sky, large roads which are muddy and shapeless
Stones all over which make it easy to relax. A wild run of grass which massage my foot.

Birds on the trees, chirping and singing. Squirrels which make funny noises,
Long logs of wood which are filled with dust, a layer of breeze makes me freeze.

Lots of thoughts and lots of chaos, all the while i observe the thump in my heart.
What have i lost or what am i losing that things are so uneasy, things are so hazy,

Tired legs and tired soul, imaginative mind that needs some rest.
Walking ahead i realized that all that i had thought till now had gone by,
It was a new road and new thoughts, things kept changing and i started accpeting,
The newness of life is just a pleasure, a change is frustrating at times,
but we get used to things and things keep moving.. I learnt how to accept the changing times,
I reached a place where things came to a standstill,
A place where there was an end, thats when i realized that we have hit the END.
Life was over and so were my thoughts and so were my hopes.I had learnt all that i could,
In this little life, keep moving till the end, no matter what comes your way!

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Namrata Mahalingam said...

Dats a nyc one again Nish..... :)