Saturday, 24 October, 2009

Little hands and the feeble voice

Here and there, i kept moving around..
A voice that was familiar went on and on...Looked around but could not see the one..
Was it for real or was it a hallucination. It could not have been the voice that could have faded!

I looked for the reason i heard that one.. I stayed there for a while to let it sink..
i was not just moving in but i was also moving away..
Away from the world away from the noise...
from all the ones whom i hadnt heard, whom i hadnt met.. i was gone long time back.

I wanted to say oh dear can you help me find the way? But what way was that.. the way that lead to Heaven.. the way that led me to the little unborn who was away with me..

A little boy whom i had seen a liitle hand that helped me.. a Small little life whom i couldnt even see.. and went away without having said a word to me..

I was lost.. i was away and i was waiting for the day to see the little life again..

Friday, 23 October, 2009

Movie that Inspired me..Benjamin Button

A night that changed a lot for me....

It was just a normal day.. a day where things moved the way they did everyday..
An evening which started with a gloom.. an evening which was surrounded by..
people who were in love and had a day they could celebrate..

I sat at home.. i sat alone.. i pulled out a CD which had touched my heart..
The movie which had inspired me.. the man who had lived after all the things!

A movie which made me cry... a movie which touched my soul..
I watched Benjamin Button and that was all that kept me thinking
A night which was unforgettable..for it changed a lot in me!

I learnt how the world is made up of perceptions, i learnt how people took things at what they saw..
I saw the man who won some hearts just by being what he was..

Benjamin is the one who swept me off my feet..
This is yet another movie which has inspired me to live just the way i want to..

Yet another man who makes me believe that dreams are for real..
Live life everyday and rest is all that god will take care..

Make the most and enjoy this day..for this day and this moment will not come back again.