Thursday, 30 September, 2010

My life...A Journey

My life...A journey...
there are trees all over the place,covering the whole way...
there is a deep ocean, where i play all the day..there are flowers which spread the scent all the way, and makes me feel all safe.
there is a house which is all white, there are no people but still i smile...
there are butterflies which help me fly, and the breeze which makes me feel light, there are books i read, there is food that i eat, there is a dog which i like and there are birds which fly too high.
there is a huge room where i lie, there are pictures of all my life..
i look at them and secretly smile,
i remember all the time of my life.
there were cactus, there were lilies..
they were all that make me feel lively..
i saw a boat which i always wanted to row,
i called for it and there i go, far, far on a never ending road.
i come to a place where i wanted to run away from,
i stayed there with all the people around...
it was the way i never thought i could be,
i look for me, but i couldnt find,
was lost in my own life.
there were times when i cried,
there were times when i smiled,
there were times i hated, i loved, i missed, i enjoyed..
that was all that i learnt in this place.
now i am going back to my own little world,
where there were trees, water, books, flowers , garden a
all that i had until i sat and rowed...


A long long road, looks like a never ending way..
its dark,the sky is clear, just the moons shine,
there is no one around, i make a silent prayer..
cold breeze, a silent whisper..a stranger walking beside me..
holding makes me feel safe..i keep walking,
all fears slowly vanishing,
i keep singing all my way..
I find a small house, with just one light on,
a very welcoming, very cozy an a very warm feeling i get.
wonder whose house it must have been,
until i find a photo frame,
i was stunned to see him in there,
i ask myself, wh was he there?
he had left me far away..
why was he bach then,
was it any kind of a prank?o was he really there?
i opened the doors just to find all my photos there!!
wonder when , and why he had put them there..
i call for him the same way,when he had left me,
i remember him,walking away,
i call for him again..
he calls me,holds me,saying i was always there,
but you never saw me..
i cry, i wine,i beat in the air..and see him disappear again.
i look for him everywhere...
but he has left me again!!!

Nature Lets learn the lesson.

Golden rays that are shinning, giving us the warmth.
Waves that are crashing in up and down, breaking in the shore

I look at the sky blue and golden which shine through the clouds
Spreading warmth that fill each ones lives.

Long strands of grass that dance to the breeze just at the shore
Lovely pink flowers that smell so good.

Birds chirping and singing, sitting here holding my knees to my chest,
I sit down and think how could nature be so perfect and right.

Struggling through everyday, i learnt from nature that things change.
Forgetting the little things, nature has it set every day!
It rains, its hot, everything happens when its aught to happen.

Why do we not listen to nature, why are we so against it
We are running away from the happiness we want

Nature is perfect and i will be like her. I will stick to what i say and what i do.
I am here to say that nature is all that i love and live :)

Hobby - Soulful Dancing :)

Dancing to the tunes of the music i love,
I feel the rhythm in my body. Lovely beats to which i dance,
A soulful song is all i want. Breaking myself free from all the thoughts.

I make a move to the trance from the music that runs in my ears.
Lovely feel and lovely time.. this is all that would be mine.

Feeling like flying in the air, a curve which makes me blush in the air,
up and around i dance with my eyes closed, moves that run in my head
makes my body move to the soft music that runs me through.

Jazz, jive, salsa and rumba all the forms that i want to learn,
Dance is the only form which makes my soul free from all the thoughts.

The freshness in me, the passion in me is back again, just an hour of my lovely hobby
Has brought me back again :)

Times - We at our Best :)

A calm day with not so many thoughts, a small way with not much noise
People are working as usual, sky is clear and wishing it stays the same.

Three friends around, making the most of the time they have.
One friend who had just come from Northampton and two of us from the same place roam around

We talk, we laugh, we do all that we can to catch up on the time that has gone
Giggles that still ring in my head, talks that still fill in my eyes,
This is the bond which we will maintain till the time we die

Lovely bangles and lovely tops, everything that we had imagined in our thoughts,
we come to a lake, naughtiness in our eyes and wicked smile we have.
Leaving the worries and the fear we try to do things which were not allowed,

Pictures remind us, we know the hint at a wink, lovely time with my friends.
What a night after that, no sleep and mischief filled.

Aww i so miss the days, come back soon my dear friends :)

Sunday, 26 September, 2010

Memory - Forgotten

Snow that covers the lane, trees have got their cotton like cover on them,
Logs that are now not as strong, brown they are but very moist to touch them
Little girls, wear boots and run around here and there,
Old people are covered with red and brown winter wear!

Lazy i am and want to just sit near the fire pit with coffee in my hand and a book to read,
nice music that i hear from the near by church, carols and prayers make me feel so good.

Watery eyes that gaze at me, i read out a story to her everyday in the evening,
She waits for me to start, i look at her and ask, do you really listen to every word i say,

She replied " Honey, its not about the words..its the time you keep for me!"
I was surprised she could remember me, John she takes my name and tears fill in.

My lady who lost her memory has finally remembered me!

Love and peace!

Saturday, 25 September, 2010

At the sea side - I find

There was silence, there were no humans around
A star lit sky, moon shinning bright and high,
Looked like the clouds had just cleared there way to show the away

The water underneath could be seen rippling,
waves which were so calm that gave me so much peace,

Cold breeze alongside the path i reach a place where there are so many leaves.
The leaves which were dry, yellow dryness on them,
I crushed them under my feet and something pricked me..

A shell which had just left its mark on my feet, i picked it up and looked.
I could not see a thing, i played with it for a while and then threw it in the sea,
Silence so strong i could hear the shell dip in.

A few steps i stroll and see a few foot prints, which had the shape of a man's.
I walked over them, the impression covered half of mine.

I could sense the smell of a sweet scent, a fragrance which was close to me,
a fragrance which made me take a deep breathe once again..
Looked around here and there i find no1.. untill i stare at the end of the bay.

I see somebody's back with a transparent white shirt and blue jeans,
Hair which were cut with perfection, back which was muscular and in shape,

The perfect calves which were strong and long, hands which looked tuff,
i run clutching my locket, exhausted and tired running till i get to hold him,

i couldnt see him clearly cos until i reached him, i had lost my consciousness,
Looking here and there, i see a note right beside the bed,

Coffee is ready just down the stairs, waiting for you.. yours Love
I run down to see..and there he was the man whom i had stored in the locket i wore!

Tuesday, 21 September, 2010

Realization - angels

Drop of water pour over my face.. i realize that things are as hazy as they can get.
Little do i know about the life i have lived, small small children make me smile..

I love the drops which touch my skin, thats the only reason i stand here
staring at the sky i feel the gush. Looks like there is a need to rush,
pain striking my head i see noone around, i feel that i have lost all the hope that i had drawn around.

Drops of water, turn into heavy rains, my body freezes as i see me faint.
Nothing can i hear, nothing can i see.. all i can do is remember the times i had lived.

A smile on my face, i know i have been taken, i can feel the people around now.
That was the day i was sure that god is always round!

He may not be seen, he may not be in a form, but always sends people and they are Angels :)