Saturday, 2 October, 2010

Beach Side

Walking along the beach with my arms tucked on your waist,
crashing waves and the soft sound of the breeze
thunder in my ears and lighting i see..
salted mist that damped my lips

the waves that push us to wet our feet,
we walk in the waves playing with the water,
the light of the moon, d chill in the air
was the most romantic moment of my life

Looking at his smile i blush, he could see the tinkle in my eye.
I looked at the sky and made a silent prayer

Peace was in me, for you are with me!
I am blessed cos i know you will always be with me.

Thursday, 30 September, 2010

My life...A Journey

My life...A journey...
there are trees all over the place,covering the whole way...
there is a deep ocean, where i play all the day..there are flowers which spread the scent all the way, and makes me feel all safe.
there is a house which is all white, there are no people but still i smile...
there are butterflies which help me fly, and the breeze which makes me feel light, there are books i read, there is food that i eat, there is a dog which i like and there are birds which fly too high.
there is a huge room where i lie, there are pictures of all my life..
i look at them and secretly smile,
i remember all the time of my life.
there were cactus, there were lilies..
they were all that make me feel lively..
i saw a boat which i always wanted to row,
i called for it and there i go, far, far on a never ending road.
i come to a place where i wanted to run away from,
i stayed there with all the people around...
it was the way i never thought i could be,
i look for me, but i couldnt find,
was lost in my own life.
there were times when i cried,
there were times when i smiled,
there were times i hated, i loved, i missed, i enjoyed..
that was all that i learnt in this place.
now i am going back to my own little world,
where there were trees, water, books, flowers , garden a
all that i had until i sat and rowed...


A long long road, looks like a never ending way..
its dark,the sky is clear, just the moons shine,
there is no one around, i make a silent prayer..
cold breeze, a silent whisper..a stranger walking beside me..
holding makes me feel safe..i keep walking,
all fears slowly vanishing,
i keep singing all my way..
I find a small house, with just one light on,
a very welcoming, very cozy an a very warm feeling i get.
wonder whose house it must have been,
until i find a photo frame,
i was stunned to see him in there,
i ask myself, wh was he there?
he had left me far away..
why was he bach then,
was it any kind of a prank?o was he really there?
i opened the doors just to find all my photos there!!
wonder when , and why he had put them there..
i call for him the same way,when he had left me,
i remember him,walking away,
i call for him again..
he calls me,holds me,saying i was always there,
but you never saw me..
i cry, i wine,i beat in the air..and see him disappear again.
i look for him everywhere...
but he has left me again!!!

Nature Lets learn the lesson.

Golden rays that are shinning, giving us the warmth.
Waves that are crashing in up and down, breaking in the shore

I look at the sky blue and golden which shine through the clouds
Spreading warmth that fill each ones lives.

Long strands of grass that dance to the breeze just at the shore
Lovely pink flowers that smell so good.

Birds chirping and singing, sitting here holding my knees to my chest,
I sit down and think how could nature be so perfect and right.

Struggling through everyday, i learnt from nature that things change.
Forgetting the little things, nature has it set every day!
It rains, its hot, everything happens when its aught to happen.

Why do we not listen to nature, why are we so against it
We are running away from the happiness we want

Nature is perfect and i will be like her. I will stick to what i say and what i do.
I am here to say that nature is all that i love and live :)

Hobby - Soulful Dancing :)

Dancing to the tunes of the music i love,
I feel the rhythm in my body. Lovely beats to which i dance,
A soulful song is all i want. Breaking myself free from all the thoughts.

I make a move to the trance from the music that runs in my ears.
Lovely feel and lovely time.. this is all that would be mine.

Feeling like flying in the air, a curve which makes me blush in the air,
up and around i dance with my eyes closed, moves that run in my head
makes my body move to the soft music that runs me through.

Jazz, jive, salsa and rumba all the forms that i want to learn,
Dance is the only form which makes my soul free from all the thoughts.

The freshness in me, the passion in me is back again, just an hour of my lovely hobby
Has brought me back again :)

Times - We at our Best :)

A calm day with not so many thoughts, a small way with not much noise
People are working as usual, sky is clear and wishing it stays the same.

Three friends around, making the most of the time they have.
One friend who had just come from Northampton and two of us from the same place roam around

We talk, we laugh, we do all that we can to catch up on the time that has gone
Giggles that still ring in my head, talks that still fill in my eyes,
This is the bond which we will maintain till the time we die

Lovely bangles and lovely tops, everything that we had imagined in our thoughts,
we come to a lake, naughtiness in our eyes and wicked smile we have.
Leaving the worries and the fear we try to do things which were not allowed,

Pictures remind us, we know the hint at a wink, lovely time with my friends.
What a night after that, no sleep and mischief filled.

Aww i so miss the days, come back soon my dear friends :)

Sunday, 26 September, 2010

Memory - Forgotten

Snow that covers the lane, trees have got their cotton like cover on them,
Logs that are now not as strong, brown they are but very moist to touch them
Little girls, wear boots and run around here and there,
Old people are covered with red and brown winter wear!

Lazy i am and want to just sit near the fire pit with coffee in my hand and a book to read,
nice music that i hear from the near by church, carols and prayers make me feel so good.

Watery eyes that gaze at me, i read out a story to her everyday in the evening,
She waits for me to start, i look at her and ask, do you really listen to every word i say,

She replied " Honey, its not about the words..its the time you keep for me!"
I was surprised she could remember me, John she takes my name and tears fill in.

My lady who lost her memory has finally remembered me!

Love and peace!

Saturday, 25 September, 2010

At the sea side - I find

There was silence, there were no humans around
A star lit sky, moon shinning bright and high,
Looked like the clouds had just cleared there way to show the away

The water underneath could be seen rippling,
waves which were so calm that gave me so much peace,

Cold breeze alongside the path i reach a place where there are so many leaves.
The leaves which were dry, yellow dryness on them,
I crushed them under my feet and something pricked me..

A shell which had just left its mark on my feet, i picked it up and looked.
I could not see a thing, i played with it for a while and then threw it in the sea,
Silence so strong i could hear the shell dip in.

A few steps i stroll and see a few foot prints, which had the shape of a man's.
I walked over them, the impression covered half of mine.

I could sense the smell of a sweet scent, a fragrance which was close to me,
a fragrance which made me take a deep breathe once again..
Looked around here and there i find no1.. untill i stare at the end of the bay.

I see somebody's back with a transparent white shirt and blue jeans,
Hair which were cut with perfection, back which was muscular and in shape,

The perfect calves which were strong and long, hands which looked tuff,
i run clutching my locket, exhausted and tired running till i get to hold him,

i couldnt see him clearly cos until i reached him, i had lost my consciousness,
Looking here and there, i see a note right beside the bed,

Coffee is ready just down the stairs, waiting for you.. yours Love
I run down to see..and there he was the man whom i had stored in the locket i wore!

Tuesday, 21 September, 2010

Realization - angels

Drop of water pour over my face.. i realize that things are as hazy as they can get.
Little do i know about the life i have lived, small small children make me smile..

I love the drops which touch my skin, thats the only reason i stand here
staring at the sky i feel the gush. Looks like there is a need to rush,
pain striking my head i see noone around, i feel that i have lost all the hope that i had drawn around.

Drops of water, turn into heavy rains, my body freezes as i see me faint.
Nothing can i hear, nothing can i see.. all i can do is remember the times i had lived.

A smile on my face, i know i have been taken, i can feel the people around now.
That was the day i was sure that god is always round!

He may not be seen, he may not be in a form, but always sends people and they are Angels :)

Monday, 26 July, 2010

A long journey cut short

Tall trees which cover the sky, large roads which are muddy and shapeless
Stones all over which make it easy to relax. A wild run of grass which massage my foot.

Birds on the trees, chirping and singing. Squirrels which make funny noises,
Long logs of wood which are filled with dust, a layer of breeze makes me freeze.

Lots of thoughts and lots of chaos, all the while i observe the thump in my heart.
What have i lost or what am i losing that things are so uneasy, things are so hazy,

Tired legs and tired soul, imaginative mind that needs some rest.
Walking ahead i realized that all that i had thought till now had gone by,
It was a new road and new thoughts, things kept changing and i started accpeting,
The newness of life is just a pleasure, a change is frustrating at times,
but we get used to things and things keep moving.. I learnt how to accept the changing times,
I reached a place where things came to a standstill,
A place where there was an end, thats when i realized that we have hit the END.
Life was over and so were my thoughts and so were my hopes.I had learnt all that i could,
In this little life, keep moving till the end, no matter what comes your way!

Thursday, 22 July, 2010

Loosing it all - Just a nightmare

Joe, the guy with the most amazing qualities. A stranger to me but things went about with so much ease. Life moved like a small ride, where he was there for every fight,
Life was easy with him on my side, things moved the way they would have never moved if he wasnt there.
I started to think of it as an endless stay when suddenly he was there but on the other side of me. He was there but on the way where i couldnt get, a place where there was no way out.
I looked through this struggling phase and knew that things had to get to an end, there was a calm storm which played around, a place where things looked dead and stalled.

I was just hoping if there was another dreadful dream that i had seen, a day which was just a joke of my life.. how was it that things had changed, but as we say that things change and we have just a role to play, i am living order to see that day where i will be with Joe one day.

I am just another soul today. Living it just like any other day, looks like i would never know how i went through this but as everyone says time is all that heals the pain. A pain which had taken a toll on me. I would not be able to see a bright side of the day, the only thing i saw was darkness, joe showed me the way, a light that came again and that was when i realized that darkness is just to show that he was standing at the end of the way, darkness had made me forgotten that there was the way which i was afraid to take, fear had creapt into me and i was just unable to see what had he done to me..!

Living it off and sharing it all, i am sure that this will be the day i had the worst nightmares!

Tuesday, 9 February, 2010

Merlyn - The Living Butterfly :)

Merlyn, a girl who had always been a dreamer, a girl who was a little slow at things,
but she had an amazing creative side, she was great as an artist, a girl who could sense things,

She was a small tiny one to look at, but she had a big heart, a heart which was like an ocean!
She was about 45 years old, she looked pretty in the casuals she wore,

Merlyn, worked hard and made a few decision of her life which were not approved off by family!
she always fought for rights of the people, she did endless things to make people feel @ home.

Merlyn, always said..she was in this world for a reason, a reason that was to be looked for.
she never looked back at the days when she was lost, she looked ahead at what was in store!

As time passed she looked life from a different angle, she started running around to do things,
one fine day she was one of the finest business woman..everyone was surprised,
A girl who had been so slow at learning things and reaching this stage of her life!

People were awe struck, but her dream was not of becoming a business woman
she was exploring each day of her life to know what were her limits

one day she was smiling at herself, she was looking at her, and looked at herself closely!
looked at her hair, her flat abs and tried on different clothes..she looked at how to present,

She was so happy that she was making her day, it was her birthday the next day
arranging for a party with all her friends, she was happy and that showed o her face!

She was looking forward to celebrate the day, with family and friends
the day that changed her life..the day when there came a day when she realized,
she was far away from all these things in Life!

Sunday, 7 February, 2010

Traffic Jam - Jammed in Politics!

Looking at the jam packed roads, my head spins for the polluted air leaves me dizzy all the way,
the cars keep honking, the bikers keep cutting,

Students getting late to reach school,
Auto guys are standing and trying to look beyond the traffic..

All people start reading something on their phones, some people shouting at the delay,
some lucky ones get the time to talk to their love, a few fighting due to the delay to meet their love,

The sight of an old man trying to keep two people from fighting,
explaining that it was just a small scratch and no big deal,

a small kid crying due to extreme heat that is burning his skin,
the mother all worried on how to handle him...trying her best to cover her little one,

A group of foreigners trying to walk down their way..
Cops trying to control each ones impatience...they fail to explain their helplessness,

When asked a cop at a distance, he said " Madame, now a days the Ministers are careful"
They care for their time...and he laughed! I was not shocked..cos people at that INSTITUTION
always have their say..

All that i explained was all because the minister had to travel through that way!

None the less we are the people who chose them and we are the people who yell..
but not at them..its to the others who have not done this damage..

Lets chose the right people. If its one among us, let us be the same..
Lets value the time and lets schedule ours in a way that it doesnt effect others day.

Saturday, 6 February, 2010

Angel - Old People become!

Looking at the sky, a silent prayer i say..
A prayer which was very important for me for that particular day,

Long time back there was an angel who said, pray and you shall get,
i bend on my knees and make a prayer, think about the angel for me to stay calm,

A prayer that was made for the day which was an end of hope,
day that was so crucial for that made a lot of difference in our lives!

A day which indicated if humanity was there or dead,
people fight for small little things, family breaks for differences.

An employee abuses for a petty loss that had happened..
Are people finding reasons to shout and yell?

I saw a man, a man who had it all in him,
he was the man whom i have admired for all that he said and did.

I saw in him the person who has tried not to change the world but change things in him first!
I am sure that starts with a lot of WILL and self change, an openness to see things beyond,

Like i said the prayer which was very important, as i was wanting to be that way!
I prayed to God and Angels that give me the strength to make a difference in a positive way.

Let me be calm when i have anger in my heart and help me understand when there is no clarity!

Hope this prayer helps me reach a stage, where i am like the kid you danced in the rain,
who played even when he was ill, who went back to the mother who had yelled at her a few moments back,

like that old lady who came to see the msg every evening.

Like a flower who produces a smell when its crushed, i want to shine even in difficulties i face :)

Friday, 5 February, 2010

Old Lady at the Beach

A long way towards the beach... the road towards its seems to full of sand..
I can see a lot of footsteps which has different directions,
few coming towards me..and few leading my way towards the beach..

An old lady holding a stick to support her just one step ahead of me..
I walk a little faster trying to look at her..i was stunned at the mere look at her

A lady who must have been about 75 years age..with shinny white hair,
her eyes which were watery yet they could smile...,
her skin which was so stretched that i could see her eye bags...

Her hands trembling to hold her stick, her legs so feeble wearing those slippers,
her hunched back, her tiny little chin which was quivering..due to the cold breeze,

I was amazed at the strength the lady carried to walk uptil there..
after a few moments..i sat at the beach side and was making a few silly sketches on the sand,
the lady sat beside me on a chair and asked me...hey young woman..i saw you looking at me..
Are you surprised me to see me here..i said a yes and observed her eyes yet again..

I saw the most beautiful and honest eyes in my life..she touched my forehead,
It felt as warm as it would have with my grandmom, i asked her how come you are here?

She said..i come here every evening...she shared with me a few moments of her life,
she said " i come here and feel young..i remember the days when i came here with my partner"
I looked at her in silence and tears rolled down and she said..
I come here as there is a msg for me every day..i was puzzled..dint understand..

She stood up with her stick in her hand..took a deep breathe in and said..
The msg is on the sky by my life! It was a promise he had given me..just before he died!
The msg that pulls me here to read and go back and live my life...

She smiled at me and said.. love will never go even though the person goes away..
Love is eternal..nothing can let it fade..until you have it with you...

I smiled at myself...looked at my hands and smiled at the sky...
for i saw the msg that was written for her through her eyes!

It was a moment when that old lady turned into an angel for life....

Thursday, 4 February, 2010

A day when i came back

A blue sky...with white cotton like clouds...a lot of different shapes these clouds are in,
small little house..with some nice garden around it..
I see a lot of birds flying around, a small pond like thing surrounded by kids,

As i go closer to the kids, a smile on my face i can feel...
All kids making paper boats and laughing on how they race with each one!

Laughter i hear, crackling voice of kids make you laugh..
All my worries come to an end.. a chile is a bend on the road to worries..
As we grow we realize that kids are not the one who learn,
Its the people who have GROWN up, who need to learn, or may be UNLEARN things.

As they watch their paper boats sail.. a small girl in baby pink frock runs towards me..
She pulls my hand and takes me into the house which i was observing...
that little girl had such lovely eyes..she had the perfect smile and a perfect nose
which tempted me to carry her...

As we walk towards the door..there she says is your little home..
A home which is full of my pictures....i look at her and ask..
how do u know.. she says mom.. dont you remember!

I look at her amazed.. i look at the pics once again..
she shows me a few more rooms where i had been before..Rooms where i had lived,
Cant understand what had happened.. till she said hey MOM i am your little one!

I looked at her and carried her.. i cant remember anything yet she makes me feel the belonging,
My little girl had made me come back to the place where i belonged,
A place from where i had gone away sometime ago.

I realized i had a temporary memory loss as things were fading after the moments that passed,
wanted to capture the coming back of the memory but still it was not in my hands,
I left them once my place there had already been taken by someone else!

Wednesday, 3 February, 2010

My thoughts - Feelings, Unconditional Love

A lot of times i have heard that people say that how do i express?
How do i explain, how do i tell her that she is the one whom i love..

At a college while i had to conduct a GD, i asked the same..
The debate on Valentines day...many a faces were pink..many turned red with Anger..

All i could say was..each one had a view.. a view on how they were brought up..
Being a student of psychology i refused to judge....i refused to comment on anything they said..
A lot of boys who had gf's said that they felt that was the "ONLY" day to express
Yes i stress on ONLY as mentioned by them..

A few who had some breakups said that it was too demanding!
It was too much to lose your own freedom..
Are relationships going beyond ones freedom and space?

Is it about what I say or is it doing what You feel like?
After a long debate..about why one should not have GF/BF because of the society...
because parents know the best and also because the feeling is temporary...

All true in their own way..all fine to the ones who say and believe!
Two things that came to my was why are so many of us complaining that
there are complications in relationship? is it ok, to give the space?
Why are people running behind temporary phases of demands and ego?

Are we not understanding enough that if it was meant to happen.. it would?
Its not just about a GF/BF , i as a daughter, as a sister, as a grand daughter..etc..
Am i supposed to hold on to those words when they were said out of anger?

Let me just take what i like and leave the rest..
While i was studying a very close person had told me..let go of the old baggage
Cos that will just hurt your own one can hold that baggage for you..
But it will worsen the state that you are in..let go of things that are sour...

Space to everyone is very important..phobia of losing a close one is suffocation!
Give the space and they will stay with you..
I thank my family and friends who have understood it and they are all loved..

Because i know how difficult it is to let go of the person,
let them fall and make mistakes and still be there to give them a shoulder to cry,

Thats what matters, cos i would never know the true feeling if i hadnt fallen..
Love is that of a mother's .

Put yourself in that space and you will never feel dejected...

I may not be 100% true with things..i write..but this is just to put in my thoughts..
Life is Love..every breathe i take i feel special..
cos i am there safe, happy and with people i care for!

Tuesday, 2 February, 2010

Moments with Myself.

A silent night...standing at the end of the road...staring at the sky...
Seems so calm and can hear the wind blow..a gush of emotions run through me..

I feel that there is someone whom i belong to.. someone who is there to run back to,
a sense of calmness i feel, a sense of loneliness i see... i experience an emotion...
An emotion which makes me strong, a feeling that will soon be gone..

I see myself once again, i check my heart running faster than everyday,
am i scared to be alone.. or am i wanting to move ahead...

Am i afraid of my own thoughts that i keep working all day?
Do i do that to keep myself away or do i do it cos i love to be that way..

All i know is this will also pass away..cos nothing stays with us..
like the water in the river which flows i am flowing everyday!

Live it all, cos this will not come it all.. cos the chance may not come again..
Give it all.. cos this day may be the best of all the days...
Smile cos they love the way you do...

Monday, 1 February, 2010

Culture - Tradition - Boundaries

Working all day..interacting with different sectors of people throughout,
life has so much color and we are all here fighting for a place, for a state, for a family... etc

Having been interacting so much to the rest of the world, all of us have the same emotion,
We feel the same pain, we laugh at the same jokes, we are happy to see a baby laugh,

Never understood why the boundaries, why the difference, why we create barriers!
when we are all made the same way..when we all have the same human form..

what role does that boundary play, what role does this different state play?
Is it beyond the humanity in us or is it to make it difficult for people to connect!

Lets all be the same, when the literature we read about the spiritual powers,
about the most powerful one - GOD says the same...are we here to differ to what HE says?

Or are we here to find why we are here for! Each of us has some power,
A unique being that we are, lets all unite and get in the country named HUMANITY!

Sunday, 31 January, 2010

Dreams - An Open Sky

A small little girl with wide open arms..wearing a white sleeveless frock,
curly hair which are left open.. a smile which is directed towards the sky...

A girl who cannot see but can hear... a girl who was blind for the world...
small little hands trying to remove hair that comes over her face while,
she tries to converse with God in her own little way!

Isabelle is her name... a name which makes me remind of all the stories i read,
Isbe is what we call her when we were friends.. a kid who could not see things...
but saw beyond a normal human's imagination.. a child who had a vision larger than life,

What a beautiful sight, her eyes so beautiful, her hair so curly...
Her legs so tiny yet so strong..her arms wide open towards the sky she looks,

A girl who made people wonder if she was real, Isabelle was just the most perfect kid,
who has a golden heart, a heart which beats for her friends, family and Life.

She lived more than a normal mans life, she travelled and saw things which were more than real,

She was blind at eyes but could see more from heart hear more through her ears!
I learnt that things you see are the reason for the way you are!

Lets not see.. believe in things that the world is beautiful.. the way Isbe used to do!

Thanks for making such people God.. Isbabelle is just a form of U.

Daily Complexities ..

Having read so many books and having watched so many movies..
Life is a picture that we are living in.. what if we break these pictures.. these images...
Is it easy for us to start a day as a blank slate.. a new page?

Always wondered if it was all that difficult to make things run in an easy way..
Do we need complexities or do we make a new day,in a new way!

Is it that complex to not have a predefined image of a person, of a place..
Where is the ahhaaa feeling where is the feeling that comes to us when we are so amazed!
I guess we are all so busy in defining what we should be that we forget to live a day in peace :)

A small little change in the way we are, a little push to what we can do.. a little giving to the world,

A small smile, a light hug, a flying kiss, to a person who has had a day of worries?
Is it that difficult to forget about us and be there for them...

A day where we say lets do it buddy for this day should be special for u! Do we really need a day to celebrate or can we do that everyday be it a break up party or a birthday party.. lets all have fun, smile, party and have a merrry life..

Life is not that complex.. simple living.. giving and worshiping is all that needs to reach that stage!