Sunday, 31 January, 2010

Dreams - An Open Sky

A small little girl with wide open arms..wearing a white sleeveless frock,
curly hair which are left open.. a smile which is directed towards the sky...

A girl who cannot see but can hear... a girl who was blind for the world...
small little hands trying to remove hair that comes over her face while,
she tries to converse with God in her own little way!

Isabelle is her name... a name which makes me remind of all the stories i read,
Isbe is what we call her when we were friends.. a kid who could not see things...
but saw beyond a normal human's imagination.. a child who had a vision larger than life,

What a beautiful sight, her eyes so beautiful, her hair so curly...
Her legs so tiny yet so strong..her arms wide open towards the sky she looks,

A girl who made people wonder if she was real, Isabelle was just the most perfect kid,
who has a golden heart, a heart which beats for her friends, family and Life.

She lived more than a normal mans life, she travelled and saw things which were more than real,

She was blind at eyes but could see more from heart hear more through her ears!
I learnt that things you see are the reason for the way you are!

Lets not see.. believe in things that the world is beautiful.. the way Isbe used to do!

Thanks for making such people God.. Isbabelle is just a form of U.

Daily Complexities ..

Having read so many books and having watched so many movies..
Life is a picture that we are living in.. what if we break these pictures.. these images...
Is it easy for us to start a day as a blank slate.. a new page?

Always wondered if it was all that difficult to make things run in an easy way..
Do we need complexities or do we make a new day,in a new way!

Is it that complex to not have a predefined image of a person, of a place..
Where is the ahhaaa feeling where is the feeling that comes to us when we are so amazed!
I guess we are all so busy in defining what we should be that we forget to live a day in peace :)

A small little change in the way we are, a little push to what we can do.. a little giving to the world,

A small smile, a light hug, a flying kiss, to a person who has had a day of worries?
Is it that difficult to forget about us and be there for them...

A day where we say lets do it buddy for this day should be special for u! Do we really need a day to celebrate or can we do that everyday be it a break up party or a birthday party.. lets all have fun, smile, party and have a merrry life..

Life is not that complex.. simple living.. giving and worshiping is all that needs to reach that stage!