Wednesday, 22 July, 2009

Monsoon Calling....

The morning chillness, the warm sun rays..
I wake up tugged under the blanket..feeling the chill breeze that makes me lazy..
The trees which look fresh, flowers which smile at us!
Long days and cold nights, the feeling of monsoon arises...

Showers of rain that drop during the evening.. the kids playing with paper boats,
in the puddle o water.. a few jump on them a few run on them..
everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather that has already come!

lovers meet at the water side, enjoy the beauty of water and sit aside..
the clouds grow dark..a lightening strike i see.. the thunder i hear...
i cuddle up and close my eyes.. this was how i was at the age of 5..
I ran to my grandpa... he smiled at me.. he lift me up and took me out,
We ran in the rain.. we smile and jump on the water...

He takes me on the scooter to eat the hot corn..
I enjoy the warmth that i get while eating that hot corn..

The monsoon is here and i feel like becoming a 5 year old again!

The soft drops of water that fall on my face.. the happiness that i feel..
Is just unmatchable.. i am so happy to have the rains!

I welcome the rains with my arms wide open..
I thank god that finally the monsoon has come again!

Friday, 17 July, 2009

A tall Building - A window!

Walking past the crowd..people walking in their own world..

there are people who are talking on their phone, people who are in groups..

walking together and laughing aloud, kids running with their school bags on..

A place that was so crowded yet something came across..

while i gaze on top of the building..a huge window and a man with a lady in his arm i see..

The lady who looked so content with the man around her..

her cheeks flushed with the beauty of love in them.. the man was all that she would look at!

I saw them and stopped.. they kept looking at the crowd together...standing at a distance..

I bring my eyes back to the road that i had to travell..but fail to bring back..

the couple that i just saw.. the love that bound them together..the love that floored me..

I look back to the window and i cannot see them anymore...i stand there and wait..

realizing a crowd thats standing below the building..i go back and enquire..

Just to see the couple die on the road i had just walked..the couple whom i had just seen together

My heart felt the pain..i looked at them and still see their hands looked in each others..

This is the love that the world had not approved off, the love which just died a death of sorrow!

Thursday, 16 July, 2009

Ambitious Little one :)

Small little toes that wanna fly over the world,

tiny little hands that open to take everything in,

babbles that make the people go crazy..

Images that the little one stores..sounds that it listens to..

looks like the world bends down to salute the new being..

The being which has come to change things.!

The small feet which walk up to cover miles..

The hands which wish to touch the limits it sees.. 

No society it cares for.. the little guy has started to make his own world..

A world which has become his ideation..the world which he has made,

he believes in the dream he dreams..the image he builds..

all the while its just a new begining which will 

Saturday, 11 July, 2009

An imagination - a road!

With a smile so bright, an image i see which captures my attention,

I walk till i find that girl in the frame..the girl who caught my attention just with her smile..

A smile which came in my life..and took me away to a place where i stretch my arms and stay!

Stay for her till she comes.. the way she mezmerized and swept me away.

Its a day i stay there waiting for her.. an image i see yet again..

the image which took me further on my way.. i keep moving..

I keep exploring..until i fnd a way..where i see a young boy who looks like me..

Looks like he is talking to the image i had seen.. the girl right next to him..

The girl..saying with a soft feable voice that i can hardly hear..

the eyes which I had seen, had the glitter, which is reflecting Me!

My dream to meet the girl.. my dream to achieve the goal..

I learnt from my dream to chase behind things which you aim for!

Keep walking till you find it..keep moving till you achieve it ..

And this is the way i will achieve my walking through the road..

The road which is full of curves..a road which is more than just a path..

Its my goal.. and i am determined to achive it and i know god is there..

To make a path which will lead me there! Which will help me dream further! 

A moment :)

Last night i lay awake looking at the stars in the sky, 

i see the way life goes and how i manage my days!

The short moments that i live! The fun filled moments i dont wish to miss..

All that i can capture just to stay here for ever! 

The days which may never be back.. the moments which may just be a flash back!

I see myself moving ahead of time..i see myself racing with the time..

there has been a moment, a moment which i feel is mine..

A victory which i feel is for me.. because everything i do..

will be the best that i can do at this moment where i do!

I am not looking back to what i did.. but i have enjoyed all the moments i have lived!

I look back not at the moments i was sad, i look at those as the moments where i began to smile!

A ray of hope which i know will never ever die... for i will always smile!