Saturday, 27 June, 2009

Be yourself!

A passion that is in me.. passion to do something which will be life changing for All,

hearts that will be touched to be a part of this.. a revolution that will be for all of us!

Children will do things they love doing..not things which others may want!

A school..where studies is about learning oneself..not about studying the books written by men who have lost their count on age!

A life which will be lived on their own terms.. a life which they will explore! 

which i will explore.. a life full of creativity and innovation will it be!

There will e no exams..there will be no results.. it will be the best form of learning..

Learning which will enhance our skills, our passion..

Doing things that may be out of the society's books of rules..

But still we do and take the responsibility to fail or pass...

Let the passion run and make the best out of thee, nothing can stop a mind which thinks,.

a heart that feels and a blood that boils in the passion to create a revolution..

to energize the positive and be the person you wanna be!

Rock..and roll.. dance to the tunes you like..sing what your heart says..

feel the difference when you do this.. you will see things happen the way you want..

just channelize it right.. the world will make it happen for you!

Friday, 26 June, 2009


Transformation..from an infant to a child and then to an adult..

we undergo a lot many changes..a few we like a few we dont..

but all in all we pass through all..when things are bad..we crumble for a while..

the ones who cry are termed as week, the ones who survive without crying are strong..

is it necessary to judge them all? Are we the ones going through the form?

We may not be, but still we love to comment on what the other person could have been!

All of us have our plates of sorrows, all of us have our shares of happy moments..

everything it good be it bad..nothing can be with us forever!

Be it people you love..or people who brought you in this world..

The gap will be filled and that is how the world goes on.. 

I have to move on..have to be the river where flowing water cannot be stopped..

i explore myself..i move myself..i see myself..and learn what life teaches me..

Live it up..we have just one life..its too short to have the hag ups and fights!

Learn to forgive..learn to forget..cos we always connect for a reason..

Nothing is in our control..Neither your life nor your death..

All you have is the time between life and death..


A little Difference ...

A little difference that we can make, a little smile that we can lend..

small little things that make a huge difference..sounds like we've all got used to the big life!

How very innocently we say that live life king size..but what would define the king size..

can there be happiness in giving? can there be happiness in a small room?

Life can be lived big, if we have the capacity to have a huge heart..

If things are not rationalized and just felt...if things are emoted just the way its felt!

No manipulation, no masks..all that your heart feels..all that you really mean!

How very important it is to very important it is for us to let go?

Life is moving on and we are stuck! Stuck at a place where we dont belong!

Innovate..create..explore..larger things than you can see is the vision which god has seen for US!

Friday, 19 June, 2009

Naturally - Change

Changes...seems like a word which makes it feel so difficult!

How would it be if there were no changes..if things were stagnant!

When things get stagnant people get bored, when things change its difficult to adapt!

Why does one make it so complicated..? is it the control on situation that makes us comfortable?

I just wonder..what is it that we all look for?

In a stage where we all look for growth but fear the changes..

When we get a make over done or when we change the look of the house..

Does it feel  as doesnt..feels more comforting! 

What an irony...we all want change..but a change which is in our control..

Not the change where Nature is in control!

Change is a breathing is very needed!

So lets all think on how we can accept the natural change..

not trying to control the situation, the person or the event!

Let it be natural,just the way it is!

Wednesday, 3 June, 2009


Looking at a distant from the window i see the moon shine,

its glow is such which lights up the sky..the stars help in to make it look pretty..

The ocean below..the water running...the moons image which is distorted yet its beautiful..

the stars shine with their shadow in the ocean..colouring the ocean ..

A fragile image of a star..its more human...the strong figure..the moving image..

i keep looking at it..trying to capture the look of him..

the waves on the ocean make a soft music play in me..

my heart starts to sing and my feet crave to dance..

the craziness i feel.. looking at the image my heart beats rise..

I try to touch the reflection..and there is just nothing which changes!

Like a child i try to hold the person..not knowing its just an image..

I wake up from there...i run through in the air..feeling the calmness..

feeling the feat start dancing to a tune which only i could hear!

The tune which made me feel that there is someone there!

It may be heart felt so..

I dance my heart..i keep dancing..i sing out a song which i have never heard before!

Until my legs body can take it no longer! 

I see the man..walking towards me..the man who had seen me dance..

he was all that i could remember for when i woke up..


Monday, 1 June, 2009

My Journey - An unknown place!

A long road...with trees on both the sides.

A giant house..i look at it from the corner of my eye!

The house, its doors which are colored in brown..a rusted brown

which makes it look old and worn out..but as i go closer..

I see there is some magical feeling that surrounds me :)

I look at the house up and down.. there is a chimney from where there is smoke coming out

fear takes over me..i gain my strength..i push open the door..

and see its filled with all possible things which are years old..

I walk in..caughing and sneezing due to the dust..

looks like it has not been opened for years!

I walk though the door, i see a small pot which is painted..

faint image i can see, looks like there has been some tragedy.

I go up and check the rooms, i see a lady who is sitting at the window..

I take a step back..but she turns around..i try to speak..

But my voice is just not audible..she comes to me with trembling hands!

I look at her as she walks closer..she adjusts her glasses and looks at me..

Those wrinkly eyes..those snowwhite hair..the soft skin..

Oh my god!! I have finally found the lady i had lost years ago!

This is my journey..this is the lady..who means a lot to me!

A beach - A story!

A young beautiful lady with just the perfect shape!

A white sleek gown that she wore..walking at the shore of the sea...

Her golden curly locks which are tied half way..

Her feet leave the impression, as she walks past the shore..

Her long thin waist which shape up in the dress she wore,

Hands which have a bracelet which hangs on her wrist..

A diamond ring shining on one of her fingers..which struck me..there is someone on the other side!

I see a guy..who stands with his hands around her waist,

His jeans folded up showing his feet ..matching her steps..

A man who best suited her..he had a curve which was well built.

His face was one of those which those french men have..

The guy with the perfect voice which had depth!

His hand was just strong enough to carry any weight...

a hand which was soft to touch and made her safe..

The couple walked through the beach..the moon shinning up their face..

its a perfect match that i have seen..a perfect location where i would love to be!

Music plays..a table i see..a candle is i can smell..

This is the place where the man had proposed the lady.. 

This is the place where the lady had finally said a yes..

This is the place where there was silence yet a lot of things were said!

A village!

A large farm, a cart which is almost broken..

an Old windmill..which is still swinging in the air...

The farms which have the smell of the freshness of seeds..

There is just the skeleton of the scare crow which is lying there!

A water pump which is broken...a small cloth swing where the baby sleeps..

women working with their head and half face covered..

Men wear a turbon, and are on fields with their Ox !

Little children play with sticks in the field..

Old ladies sit at the door steps and talk all the evening!

this is the scene which i see while i travel...and makes me feel a little heavy!