Tuesday, 9 February, 2010

Merlyn - The Living Butterfly :)

Merlyn, a girl who had always been a dreamer, a girl who was a little slow at things,
but she had an amazing creative side, she was great as an artist, a girl who could sense things,

She was a small tiny one to look at, but she had a big heart, a heart which was like an ocean!
She was about 45 years old, she looked pretty in the casuals she wore,

Merlyn, worked hard and made a few decision of her life which were not approved off by family!
she always fought for rights of the people, she did endless things to make people feel @ home.

Merlyn, always said..she was in this world for a reason, a reason that was to be looked for.
she never looked back at the days when she was lost, she looked ahead at what was in store!

As time passed she looked life from a different angle, she started running around to do things,
one fine day she was one of the finest business woman..everyone was surprised,
A girl who had been so slow at learning things and reaching this stage of her life!

People were awe struck, but her dream was not of becoming a business woman
she was exploring each day of her life to know what were her limits

one day she was smiling at herself, she was looking at her, and looked at herself closely!
looked at her hair, her flat abs and tried on different clothes..she looked at how to present,

She was so happy that she was making her day, it was her birthday the next day
arranging for a party with all her friends, she was happy and that showed o her face!

She was looking forward to celebrate the day, with family and friends
the day that changed her life..the day when there came a day when she realized,
she was far away from all these things in Life!

Sunday, 7 February, 2010

Traffic Jam - Jammed in Politics!

Looking at the jam packed roads, my head spins for the polluted air leaves me dizzy all the way,
the cars keep honking, the bikers keep cutting,

Students getting late to reach school,
Auto guys are standing and trying to look beyond the traffic..

All people start reading something on their phones, some people shouting at the delay,
some lucky ones get the time to talk to their love, a few fighting due to the delay to meet their love,

The sight of an old man trying to keep two people from fighting,
explaining that it was just a small scratch and no big deal,

a small kid crying due to extreme heat that is burning his skin,
the mother all worried on how to handle him...trying her best to cover her little one,

A group of foreigners trying to walk down their way..
Cops trying to control each ones impatience...they fail to explain their helplessness,

When asked a cop at a distance, he said " Madame, now a days the Ministers are careful"
They care for their time...and he laughed! I was not shocked..cos people at that INSTITUTION
always have their say..

All that i explained was all because the minister had to travel through that way!

None the less we are the people who chose them and we are the people who yell..
but not at them..its to the others who have not done this damage..

Lets chose the right people. If its one among us, let us be the same..
Lets value the time and lets schedule ours in a way that it doesnt effect others day.

Saturday, 6 February, 2010

Angel - Old People become!

Looking at the sky, a silent prayer i say..
A prayer which was very important for me for that particular day,

Long time back there was an angel who said, pray and you shall get,
i bend on my knees and make a prayer, think about the angel for me to stay calm,

A prayer that was made for the day which was an end of hope,
day that was so crucial for that made a lot of difference in our lives!

A day which indicated if humanity was there or dead,
people fight for small little things, family breaks for differences.

An employee abuses for a petty loss that had happened..
Are people finding reasons to shout and yell?

I saw a man, a man who had it all in him,
he was the man whom i have admired for all that he said and did.

I saw in him the person who has tried not to change the world but change things in him first!
I am sure that starts with a lot of WILL and self change, an openness to see things beyond,

Like i said the prayer which was very important, as i was wanting to be that way!
I prayed to God and Angels that give me the strength to make a difference in a positive way.

Let me be calm when i have anger in my heart and help me understand when there is no clarity!

Hope this prayer helps me reach a stage, where i am like the kid you danced in the rain,
who played even when he was ill, who went back to the mother who had yelled at her a few moments back,

like that old lady who came to see the msg every evening.

Like a flower who produces a smell when its crushed, i want to shine even in difficulties i face :)

Friday, 5 February, 2010

Old Lady at the Beach

A long way towards the beach... the road towards its seems to full of sand..
I can see a lot of footsteps which has different directions,
few coming towards me..and few leading my way towards the beach..

An old lady holding a stick to support her walk..is just one step ahead of me..
I walk a little faster trying to look at her..i was stunned at the mere look at her

A lady who must have been about 75 years age..with shinny white hair,
her eyes which were watery yet they could smile...,
her skin which was so stretched that i could see her eye bags...

Her hands trembling to hold her stick, her legs so feeble wearing those slippers,
her hunched back, her tiny little chin which was quivering..due to the cold breeze,

I was amazed at the strength the lady carried to walk uptil there..
after a few moments..i sat at the beach side and was making a few silly sketches on the sand,
the lady sat beside me on a chair and asked me...hey young woman..i saw you looking at me..
Are you surprised me to see me here..i said a yes and observed her eyes yet again..

I saw the most beautiful and honest eyes in my life..she touched my forehead,
It felt as warm as it would have with my grandmom, i asked her how come you are here?

She said..i come here every evening...she shared with me a few moments of her life,
she said " i come here and feel young..i remember the days when i came here with my partner"
I looked at her in silence and tears rolled down and she said..
I come here as there is a msg for me every day..i was puzzled..dint understand..

She stood up with her stick in her hand..took a deep breathe in and said..
The msg is on the sky by my life! It was a promise he had given me..just before he died!
The msg that pulls me here to read and go back and live my life...

She smiled at me and said.. love will never go even though the person goes away..
Love is eternal..nothing can let it fade..until you have it with you...

I smiled at myself...looked at my hands and smiled at the sky...
for i saw the msg that was written for her through her eyes!

It was a moment when that old lady turned into an angel for life....

Thursday, 4 February, 2010

A day when i came back

A blue sky...with white cotton like clouds...a lot of different shapes these clouds are in,
small little house..with some nice garden around it..
I see a lot of birds flying around, a small pond like thing surrounded by kids,

As i go closer to the kids, a smile on my face i can feel...
All kids making paper boats and laughing on how they race with each one!

Laughter i hear, crackling voice of kids make you laugh..
All my worries come to an end.. a chile is a bend on the road to worries..
As we grow we realize that kids are not the one who learn,
Its the people who have GROWN up, who need to learn, or may be UNLEARN things.

As they watch their paper boats sail.. a small girl in baby pink frock runs towards me..
She pulls my hand and takes me into the house which i was observing...
that little girl had such lovely eyes..she had the perfect smile and a perfect nose
which tempted me to carry her...

As we walk towards the door..there she says is your little home..
A home which is full of my pictures....i look at her and ask..
how do u know.. she says mom.. dont you remember!

I look at her amazed.. i look at the pics once again..
she shows me a few more rooms where i had been before..Rooms where i had lived,
Cant understand what had happened.. till she said hey MOM i am your little one!

I looked at her and carried her.. i cant remember anything yet she makes me feel the belonging,
My little girl had made me come back to the place where i belonged,
A place from where i had gone away sometime ago.

I realized i had a temporary memory loss as things were fading after the moments that passed,
wanted to capture the coming back of the memory but still it was not in my hands,
I left them once again..as my place there had already been taken by someone else!

Wednesday, 3 February, 2010

My thoughts - Feelings, Unconditional Love

A lot of times i have heard that people say that how do i express?
How do i explain, how do i tell her that she is the one whom i love..

At a college while i had to conduct a GD, i asked the same..
The debate on Valentines day...many a faces were pink..many turned red with Anger..

All i could say was..each one had a view.. a view on how they were brought up..
Being a student of psychology i refused to judge....i refused to comment on anything they said..
A lot of boys who had gf's said that they felt that was the "ONLY" day to express
Yes i stress on ONLY as mentioned by them..

A few who had some breakups said that it was too demanding!
It was too much to lose your own freedom..
Are relationships going beyond ones freedom and space?

Is it about what I say or is it doing what You feel like?
After a long debate..about why one should not have GF/BF because of the society...
because parents know the best and also because the feeling is temporary...

All true in their own way..all fine to the ones who say and believe!
Two things that came to my mind..one was why are so many of us complaining that
there are complications in relationship? is it ok, to give the space?
Why are people running behind temporary phases of demands and ego?

Are we not understanding enough that if it was meant to happen.. it would?
Its not just about a GF/BF , i as a daughter, as a sister, as a grand daughter..etc..
Am i supposed to hold on to those words when they were said out of anger?

Let me just take what i like and leave the rest..
While i was studying a very close person had told me..let go of the old baggage
Cos that will just hurt your own back...no one can hold that baggage for you..
But it will worsen the state that you are in..let go of things that are sour...

Space to everyone is very important..phobia of losing a close one is suffocation!
Give the space and they will stay with you..
I thank my family and friends who have understood it and they are all loved..

Because i know how difficult it is to let go of the person,
let them fall and make mistakes and still be there to give them a shoulder to cry,

Thats what matters, cos i would never know the true feeling if i hadnt fallen..
Love is unconditional...like that of a mother's .

Put yourself in that space and you will never feel dejected...

I may not be 100% true with things..i write..but this is just to put in my thoughts..
Life is Love..every breathe i take i feel special..
cos i am there safe, happy and with people i care for!

Tuesday, 2 February, 2010

Moments with Myself.

A silent night...standing at the end of the road...staring at the sky...
Seems so calm and can hear the wind blow..a gush of emotions run through me..

I feel that there is someone whom i belong to.. someone who is there to run back to,
a sense of calmness i feel, a sense of loneliness i see... i experience an emotion...
An emotion which makes me strong, a feeling that will soon be gone..

I see myself once again, i check my heart running faster than everyday,
am i scared to be alone.. or am i wanting to move ahead...

Am i afraid of my own thoughts that i keep working all day?
Do i do that to keep myself away or do i do it cos i love to be that way..

All i know is this will also pass away..cos nothing stays with us..
like the water in the river which flows i am flowing everyday!

Live it all, cos this will not come again..love it all.. cos the chance may not come again..
Give it all.. cos this day may be the best of all the days...
Smile cos they love the way you do...

Monday, 1 February, 2010

Culture - Tradition - Boundaries

Working all day..interacting with different sectors of people throughout,
life has so much color and we are all here fighting for a place, for a state, for a family... etc

Having been interacting so much to the rest of the world, all of us have the same emotion,
We feel the same pain, we laugh at the same jokes, we are happy to see a baby laugh,

Never understood why the boundaries, why the difference, why we create barriers!
when we are all made the same way..when we all have the same human form..

what role does that boundary play, what role does this different state play?
Is it beyond the humanity in us or is it to make it difficult for people to connect!

Lets all be the same, when the literature we read about the spiritual powers,
about the most powerful one - GOD says the same...are we here to differ to what HE says?

Or are we here to find why we are here for! Each of us has some power,
A unique being that we are, lets all unite and get in the country named HUMANITY!