Wednesday, 27 July, 2011

Willy and Me

Walking around the beach, making the most if the views that nature could give.
Long waves that stride through my feet, leaving the image of my foot on the sand underneath me

Folded arms and locked up emotions..playing the song that makes me strong,
waves gushing cross me and the noise of water splashing back in the beach

Life was just a perfect scenery, a small puppy struggling to climb to get itself free.
Chained by its master who went for a dip. I looked at the puppy to set it free

As soon as the chain broke i saw it run, it ran till when it realized it was free,
Ran back towards me and licked and quirked, i lift him up and named him willy.

We walked on the beach happy, realized the unconditional love of the puppy - Willy.


The rays of the sun, the tall buildings losing its color.
Girls with long hair and white gown, eyes saying numerous things that strike through my heart

Young ones playing covered in mud,
It feels like there was no one looked at the scarcity they had,
No one to bother and no one to care, life was just as plain as it could get.

Next destination was all that i had to wait.
A difference is all that i couldnt make, giving up was not what i could take.

Lost a battle and learnt as much that i could take this as a lesson to not fail again.
When she met him , knew it was fake, when he left her, knew it was all that pain, all she knew was never will she do this again, never will she believe you again.

I lost a lot, learning that i gained was life was all about what came and went.
Nothing was left and nothing will be, i will be the one who will change the bitterness in me .

Kids playing in the mud, distracted my thoughts again, i played with them to learn the joy.
I forgot the pain and lived once again :)

Once again kids saved me from going back again .

Saturday, 2 October, 2010

Beach Side

Walking along the beach with my arms tucked on your waist,
crashing waves and the soft sound of the breeze
thunder in my ears and lighting i see..
salted mist that damped my lips

the waves that push us to wet our feet,
we walk in the waves playing with the water,
the light of the moon, d chill in the air
was the most romantic moment of my life

Looking at his smile i blush, he could see the tinkle in my eye.
I looked at the sky and made a silent prayer

Peace was in me, for you are with me!
I am blessed cos i know you will always be with me.

Thursday, 30 September, 2010

My life...A Journey

My life...A journey...
there are trees all over the place,covering the whole way...
there is a deep ocean, where i play all the day..there are flowers which spread the scent all the way, and makes me feel all safe.
there is a house which is all white, there are no people but still i smile...
there are butterflies which help me fly, and the breeze which makes me feel light, there are books i read, there is food that i eat, there is a dog which i like and there are birds which fly too high.
there is a huge room where i lie, there are pictures of all my life..
i look at them and secretly smile,
i remember all the time of my life.
there were cactus, there were lilies..
they were all that make me feel lively..
i saw a boat which i always wanted to row,
i called for it and there i go, far, far on a never ending road.
i come to a place where i wanted to run away from,
i stayed there with all the people around...
it was the way i never thought i could be,
i look for me, but i couldnt find,
was lost in my own life.
there were times when i cried,
there were times when i smiled,
there were times i hated, i loved, i missed, i enjoyed..
that was all that i learnt in this place.
now i am going back to my own little world,
where there were trees, water, books, flowers , garden a
all that i had until i sat and rowed...


A long long road, looks like a never ending way..
its dark,the sky is clear, just the moons shine,
there is no one around, i make a silent prayer..
cold breeze, a silent whisper..a stranger walking beside me..
holding makes me feel safe..i keep walking,
all fears slowly vanishing,
i keep singing all my way..
I find a small house, with just one light on,
a very welcoming, very cozy an a very warm feeling i get.
wonder whose house it must have been,
until i find a photo frame,
i was stunned to see him in there,
i ask myself, wh was he there?
he had left me far away..
why was he bach then,
was it any kind of a prank?o was he really there?
i opened the doors just to find all my photos there!!
wonder when , and why he had put them there..
i call for him the same way,when he had left me,
i remember him,walking away,
i call for him again..
he calls me,holds me,saying i was always there,
but you never saw me..
i cry, i wine,i beat in the air..and see him disappear again.
i look for him everywhere...
but he has left me again!!!