Sunday, 31 May, 2009

Beautiful Days

Birds and the cool breeze,

small small drops of fog falling from the trees!

Flowers fresh and beautiful leaves...

Feel so overwhelmed to see all of this.

Morning to noon, noon to Night..All the changes that take place in our Life,

As the night comes..birds go back to their nest..all the fun comes to a stanstill,

The moon shines its brightness.the stars shimmer..the water runs in streams,

Everybody sleeps, while i am still awake..with all the beauty..

Again a new day begins...

Change is constant just like day turns to night and back to day again!


Some say life is hard, some say its based on what we expect..

a few say life is a win and win again :)

Some feel life is fun, its about love and all you want..

I wondered..what is life..if it was pre defined..there would be no meaning to live so long!

Who am I? If i learnt by someone elses life!

What am I here it for the fun or the hardships that we go through?

I am not here to define what is life..until i go through all!

My life will be a mystery which will define life is a story..

which only i can read..its a passion which i will live!

Our life is what we make living it every moment!

Things come just to pass away! Every moment will come and go...

be it good,bad or something which take your breathe away!

Live it totally, enjoy it fully..everything is momentary :)

Saturday, 30 May, 2009

Happiness is ME

Times when i thought about things but did not say them,
All of us would have gone through the same..once at least in our lifetime i can say..
What would happen if we start being honest to ourselves and say what we feel
not thinking that "how could i think that way?"

I think its a real tough thing when we be open to ourselves!
How is it that we do this ? How is it that we always be in the present..

I have realized it today that what i need to do is to Meditate!
I did that.. i prayed..i told God (inner soul) all that i feel!

I remind myself when i start feeling that i am pondering...
I remind myself to get back to the reality!
To the present i surrender myself and live how exactly i feel!

I just realized that all is written above and i am just a puppet in the hands of God,
The mistakes that i make, the positives that i do.. is all pre-written..
I am just the doer and HE is the one who makes me do all that I do!

Must not stay with guilt for things happened..must not let myself down..
I am just the person who lives with the flow..
I will accept the decisions that life has made for me..

The nature which has brought us the healing touch will be with me..
For i am not alone in this family which god has blessed me with!

The purity of life is like how a child lives.. he does not think of what he does,
He does it till he feels happy.. we all be like kids..innocent and happy..
For life is all but a bundled package of both experience and learning!!

Happiness is ME!

Butterfly :) The color of life!

A small living being...looks like its been colored to make an impact..
its small little eyes..look at the big wide world in a way that no one can see,

The little delicate wings which i painted with Gods joyous mood,
a pink and a blue, some violet some gray.. all in all a beauty that keeps our eyes stick on it..
A little scent it comes to spray, a little life that moves in and out..
sitting on each flower to take the nectar from it,

Life is a beautiful with the colorful creatures god has created for us!
The shades of the flowers, the shades of the trees..
A beautiful Butterfly i can see among all these wonderful creations!

Friday, 29 May, 2009

How i learnt...

The blue ocean.. spread vast across..
depth and solitude that it had..the sky spreading its light..
I can see the image of myself..i look at it completely..
I think what is there that i can feel...
A smile i give, a hundred thoughts that run through my mind..
A feeling that accompanied me for a very long time,
I look up the sky.. i pray to keep myself happy..
Got an answer..dont look for happiness elsewhere..
Its in you..just in you! You are happiness, you are life..
You will be the reason for a smile in everyone's life!

I check my shadow..i check again.. i see a shine layering the image!
I now know why that frustration, i now know why the decision
This has changed a lot in me.. and i feel more stronger with this incidence!

Learning things i should and unlearning things that dont need to be a part of me!
This is what i feel is the best part of life!

Cheers :)

Wednesday, 27 May, 2009

Decisions !!

Decisions in Life…

To make a new decision everyday,

To think of a new beginning every time,

To live with a fear all the time!

Feeling trapped every second of the time,

to keep a smile and never cry!

To end up with a hopeless reply, to know things may never become alright!

Can only go bad to worse with time.

But I shall still keep my spirits high and know that I will win in every life!

To keep up faith in every way,

never to lead a suspicious ray,

Hard to play but good to WIN!! :)

Will always be EVERGREEN !!!

Inspiration :)

It was an early day, a day which inspired me to write!!

Early morning when the sun had not yet risen, dark clouds with a shine in them.. birds chirped around and found their way.

I sat at the window pane and just kept looking at it, admiring the beauty of the early morning turning into a bright day. The birds chirped and the trees swayed, it was a moment which was worth capturing in a picture frame!

A small little bird sat at a distance near the window pane, i looked at it..trying really hard not to move or make a noise which would fear the bird away.. the bird kept moving its head in search of food, i kept looking at it..its beauty was just amazing to look at! The shiny black cover of feathers on it, the yellow contrasting beak that it had, very strong nails to support its little petite body to hold its stay.. the bird was beauty which i can never forget!

The small eyes which were so deep, it had all the thing which people would fall for in just a moment of looking at it.. the soft skin that it had the curvy figure that it had.. i was falling in love with the nature who created this beauty!!

We forget that this is love, this is beauty! A freedom to express the way i wish! A freedom to say the things i mean! Love is all that we have and can give! It requires no money it requires no place. It just require a true heart and feeling which is pure to express!

The nature appeals to those who take the time out to know what the purest form of love is! I am inspired by the nature and the bird that inspired me to take time out to enjoy the beauty that exists every place

Nature..My Institution of Learning.!

While i walked the road, i kept looking at the way the trees welcomed me into them,

The path which was covered with leaves which had fallen down, with some beautiful flowers which had dropped down to give place to small little baby flowers..

The sky spreading its light all through the path that i travel! The birds singing as though they are accompanying me! I walk silently listening to all of them speaking, i understand the language they talk!

I slowly start moving into a small cave like opening.. the darkness, the warmth, the cosy feeling that nature gives is all what they have.. the freedom to express.. the expression which many of us forget to read,

An expression which many of us take it for granted, our lives are all about feelings, emotions, expression and we take all of these for granted!

Nature is our institution of learning! Nature is our mother but do we hear her scream when she feels unprotected! When we cause harm to her? We ignore!

While i walk further inside the cave.. i am reminded of all the hardships that i had gone through my life! But as i keep walking i realize it wouldn’t have been possible to emerge out strong without the help of nature! :)

Nature is our source where we can learn, earn and make our lives a better place to live!

Moving Ahead...

A long silence.. a long pause..a moment of discomfort,

A confused state, a mindless debate..why do i have to say the things i just told!

I am all on my own..i am fighting with myself if things are left to me.. i dint have any option but to choose this day..

I miss the way i thought when i was a little girl who had the way she wanted to do things!

why do people need to need to fight, why is it that there is just no freedom that i strive!

I decide the way.. i decide my life..still i rely on others to say!

why do we need opinion, why dont people say that yes this is what you will get, this is what you deserve!

Why is it so dificult for people to say ” i am sorry”? is it going to make them any shorter? Or is it going to kill them down..

mistakes happen, you realize it and change the way..why is it we still commit the same mistakes.

Is it by default or is it human nature that works that way!

I know the answers to all that i asked..lets just ponder if we are ready to change ourselves!

Are you rady to say “sorry” if you knew you made a mistake? if there was anytime you hurt someone?

I am on a move and i am ready to say a sorry for if i hurt someone this day!

Living life where we spread a smile not a tearful eye!

I am on my way..will you join is what i ask you today!?


A small little girl with eyes that matched the pearls in the ocean,

the brown hair covering her face..her small hands trying to make a mud house at the shore of ocean..

the small feet trying to take the weight of her body!

She looked at the people who passed her way.. there were children who played there, there were horses.

There were all the men adnd women who walked passed her.

An old man who kept looking at her from a distance.. he saw the girl fighting with the wind, with the waves at the shore and all the kids that played there..

The little girl with her small soft hands continued her play.. the old man could not wait,

he went to her..sat close to her and asked her ” hey little angel, what is your aim?”

She looked at him, winked at him and said.. hey granpa.. do you think the world would fit in this house?

The old man said ” no liitle angel..its too small for all to fit! “, she looked at him and continued,

the old man did not know what to do.. he sat with her and said.. what do u want to make this house for?

The little girl stood up and said! This is the house of love!

The house need not be big… but the house still has a lot of love.. my arms are small.. but my heart is big.. i cant hug u all but still you can feel all my love!

the old man looked at her and whispered a small prayer ” he said the world need some hearts like this little angel” let all be insppired and let all know the value of love!

the little girl turned at him and asked granpa why do people compare? why is it that people want to take things away?

grand pa had no answer.. he just smiled and walked away..

the little angel made her mud house and smiled and looked up the sky and said ” here is the house which is made of love!”

Unborn Moments!

Does it mean that we have to make the day longer for it to be balanced?

Do people have the time to say a hi or so in their busy lives? It holds the same with me and you,

we have a day we spend a day but the day is just so normal like everyday,

i believe that there can be a change, where days are made special every time!

I need not have to just ask me..are you ok ?

The kind words, the soft arms..i wait for you to take me away..

The day has come when i will go and to you it feels like its just a joke..

I am away not by my choice but by my fate..

That was what the unborn child had to say!

Live with your dreams, live with your and express to what you are!

It will never come back if this day is gone.. remains a heart which is broken all along..

I only learnt that expression is the best way to say what they mean. :)

The roods look busier everyday, people keep on walking with just one aim..

A Bundle of Joy ..

Small little eyes looking at me,

tiny little hands trying to hold the whole of me,

so cute legs that wanna jump all the time.. the body is just so fragile..

the eyes look at me.. the hands play around.. he is just a day old when i hold that lump in my hand..

The faint voice which is calling me.. the swift movements it makes to feel itself,

the mouth that tries to take in everything.. though its a baby it doesnt care about anything..

He grabs all attention, he takes all my time.. he is the little angel who brights up my life..

When i take him in my hands he looks at me.. he tries to hold my eyes which gaze at him..

he is as tiny , would fit in my arms fold..a small little bundle of happiness that i call!

He yawns in my arms while i cradle him there..i sing or him and he goes to sleep..

I keep looking at him and feel the joy of having him :)

Listening to the Soul…

Listening to the Soul…

The sky which is in faded blue shade, the clouds which have a gray tinge to them,

The air which feels moist, the smell of the watery moist mud..

The trees are dancing in their place, the birds are singing in the air..

A young lady stands at the bay..small kids are running around playing their games,

An old couple sits there holding each other in their arms,

There are fishes which make the water in the sea look colorful .

Small little drops of water soon spread their shower..

We enjoy the rain drops that fall of our face.. little children make paper boats and play..

old people look at the romance that is in the air.. the nature says…

This is the time.. enjoy it to the max..

Leave your work for a little while..enjoy the beauty which is good for your eyes..

Look through the nature, enjoy the expression..

for no man will be able to express his love..the way nature does!

Feel the romance in it..feel the happiness it gives..

And this will be one of the best moments you may have lived till date! :)

The Imperfection in Me ;)

A morning which was just so perfect, a day which started with fun..

the conversations that made no sense,

the laughter that had no end.. the smiling, the gazing all that happened..

life seemed to be at a stage where i found a new me!

The learning that i did, the changes that i made,

I was loosing the person i had been..for it all had come to change a part of me..

I lived not me but what i see..i thought not from heart but what i was taught..

The day came to an end.. i learnt that its not what i have to be..

Just be what i mean.. just be yourself.. not for the world to say "oh how perfect she is"

But accept the imperfection that i was always born with !

I am imperfect and the imperfection is just too perfect for me to learn..

That being true to myself is all that i needed.. my emotions, my depth..

May not be understood by even those who knows me well..but still its me who i am going to live with,

I am the way i it perfect or imperfect..!