Sunday, 31 January, 2010

Daily Complexities ..

Having read so many books and having watched so many movies..
Life is a picture that we are living in.. what if we break these pictures.. these images...
Is it easy for us to start a day as a blank slate.. a new page?

Always wondered if it was all that difficult to make things run in an easy way..
Do we need complexities or do we make a new day,in a new way!

Is it that complex to not have a predefined image of a person, of a place..
Where is the ahhaaa feeling where is the feeling that comes to us when we are so amazed!
I guess we are all so busy in defining what we should be that we forget to live a day in peace :)

A small little change in the way we are, a little push to what we can do.. a little giving to the world,

A small smile, a light hug, a flying kiss, to a person who has had a day of worries?
Is it that difficult to forget about us and be there for them...

A day where we say lets do it buddy for this day should be special for u! Do we really need a day to celebrate or can we do that everyday be it a break up party or a birthday party.. lets all have fun, smile, party and have a merrry life..

Life is not that complex.. simple living.. giving and worshiping is all that needs to reach that stage!

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