Thursday, 22 July, 2010

Loosing it all - Just a nightmare

Joe, the guy with the most amazing qualities. A stranger to me but things went about with so much ease. Life moved like a small ride, where he was there for every fight,
Life was easy with him on my side, things moved the way they would have never moved if he wasnt there.
I started to think of it as an endless stay when suddenly he was there but on the other side of me. He was there but on the way where i couldnt get, a place where there was no way out.
I looked through this struggling phase and knew that things had to get to an end, there was a calm storm which played around, a place where things looked dead and stalled.

I was just hoping if there was another dreadful dream that i had seen, a day which was just a joke of my life.. how was it that things had changed, but as we say that things change and we have just a role to play, i am living order to see that day where i will be with Joe one day.

I am just another soul today. Living it just like any other day, looks like i would never know how i went through this but as everyone says time is all that heals the pain. A pain which had taken a toll on me. I would not be able to see a bright side of the day, the only thing i saw was darkness, joe showed me the way, a light that came again and that was when i realized that darkness is just to show that he was standing at the end of the way, darkness had made me forgotten that there was the way which i was afraid to take, fear had creapt into me and i was just unable to see what had he done to me..!

Living it off and sharing it all, i am sure that this will be the day i had the worst nightmares!

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