Tuesday, 9 February, 2010

Merlyn - The Living Butterfly :)

Merlyn, a girl who had always been a dreamer, a girl who was a little slow at things,
but she had an amazing creative side, she was great as an artist, a girl who could sense things,

She was a small tiny one to look at, but she had a big heart, a heart which was like an ocean!
She was about 45 years old, she looked pretty in the casuals she wore,

Merlyn, worked hard and made a few decision of her life which were not approved off by family!
she always fought for rights of the people, she did endless things to make people feel @ home.

Merlyn, always said..she was in this world for a reason, a reason that was to be looked for.
she never looked back at the days when she was lost, she looked ahead at what was in store!

As time passed she looked life from a different angle, she started running around to do things,
one fine day she was one of the finest business woman..everyone was surprised,
A girl who had been so slow at learning things and reaching this stage of her life!

People were awe struck, but her dream was not of becoming a business woman
she was exploring each day of her life to know what were her limits

one day she was smiling at herself, she was looking at her, and looked at herself closely!
looked at her hair, her flat abs and tried on different clothes..she looked at how to present,

She was so happy that she was making her day, it was her birthday the next day
arranging for a party with all her friends, she was happy and that showed o her face!

She was looking forward to celebrate the day, with family and friends
the day that changed her life..the day when there came a day when she realized,
she was far away from all these things in Life!



So it does says 2 things one we shld expect the unexpected and we can't be we any more after something at work crack into us

siddie_mylife said...

u got a great blog page here ma'am! do consider reading my blog as well.
its kind of a "no-frills account" with no high managerial words or imaginative thought. its a simple blog which says bout my life's journey till now. who knows, u mite find it interesting!

anant bhushan said...

life is always simple,until and unless you make it complex