Thursday, 30 September, 2010


A long long road, looks like a never ending way..
its dark,the sky is clear, just the moons shine,
there is no one around, i make a silent prayer..
cold breeze, a silent whisper..a stranger walking beside me..
holding makes me feel safe..i keep walking,
all fears slowly vanishing,
i keep singing all my way..
I find a small house, with just one light on,
a very welcoming, very cozy an a very warm feeling i get.
wonder whose house it must have been,
until i find a photo frame,
i was stunned to see him in there,
i ask myself, wh was he there?
he had left me far away..
why was he bach then,
was it any kind of a prank?o was he really there?
i opened the doors just to find all my photos there!!
wonder when , and why he had put them there..
i call for him the same way,when he had left me,
i remember him,walking away,
i call for him again..
he calls me,holds me,saying i was always there,
but you never saw me..
i cry, i wine,i beat in the air..and see him disappear again.
i look for him everywhere...
but he has left me again!!!

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