Thursday, 30 September, 2010

My life...A Journey

My life...A journey...
there are trees all over the place,covering the whole way...
there is a deep ocean, where i play all the day..there are flowers which spread the scent all the way, and makes me feel all safe.
there is a house which is all white, there are no people but still i smile...
there are butterflies which help me fly, and the breeze which makes me feel light, there are books i read, there is food that i eat, there is a dog which i like and there are birds which fly too high.
there is a huge room where i lie, there are pictures of all my life..
i look at them and secretly smile,
i remember all the time of my life.
there were cactus, there were lilies..
they were all that make me feel lively..
i saw a boat which i always wanted to row,
i called for it and there i go, far, far on a never ending road.
i come to a place where i wanted to run away from,
i stayed there with all the people around...
it was the way i never thought i could be,
i look for me, but i couldnt find,
was lost in my own life.
there were times when i cried,
there were times when i smiled,
there were times i hated, i loved, i missed, i enjoyed..
that was all that i learnt in this place.
now i am going back to my own little world,
where there were trees, water, books, flowers , garden a
all that i had until i sat and rowed...

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