Friday, 17 July, 2009

A tall Building - A window!

Walking past the crowd..people walking in their own world..

there are people who are talking on their phone, people who are in groups..

walking together and laughing aloud, kids running with their school bags on..

A place that was so crowded yet something came across..

while i gaze on top of the building..a huge window and a man with a lady in his arm i see..

The lady who looked so content with the man around her..

her cheeks flushed with the beauty of love in them.. the man was all that she would look at!

I saw them and stopped.. they kept looking at the crowd together...standing at a distance..

I bring my eyes back to the road that i had to travell..but fail to bring back..

the couple that i just saw.. the love that bound them together..the love that floored me..

I look back to the window and i cannot see them anymore...i stand there and wait..

realizing a crowd thats standing below the building..i go back and enquire..

Just to see the couple die on the road i had just walked..the couple whom i had just seen together

My heart felt the pain..i looked at them and still see their hands looked in each others..

This is the love that the world had not approved off, the love which just died a death of sorrow!

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