Wednesday, 22 July, 2009

Monsoon Calling....

The morning chillness, the warm sun rays..
I wake up tugged under the blanket..feeling the chill breeze that makes me lazy..
The trees which look fresh, flowers which smile at us!
Long days and cold nights, the feeling of monsoon arises...

Showers of rain that drop during the evening.. the kids playing with paper boats,
in the puddle o water.. a few jump on them a few run on them..
everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather that has already come!

lovers meet at the water side, enjoy the beauty of water and sit aside..
the clouds grow dark..a lightening strike i see.. the thunder i hear...
i cuddle up and close my eyes.. this was how i was at the age of 5..
I ran to my grandpa... he smiled at me.. he lift me up and took me out,
We ran in the rain.. we smile and jump on the water...

He takes me on the scooter to eat the hot corn..
I enjoy the warmth that i get while eating that hot corn..

The monsoon is here and i feel like becoming a 5 year old again!

The soft drops of water that fall on my face.. the happiness that i feel..
Is just unmatchable.. i am so happy to have the rains!

I welcome the rains with my arms wide open..
I thank god that finally the monsoon has come again!

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