Saturday, 11 July, 2009

A moment :)

Last night i lay awake looking at the stars in the sky, 

i see the way life goes and how i manage my days!

The short moments that i live! The fun filled moments i dont wish to miss..

All that i can capture just to stay here for ever! 

The days which may never be back.. the moments which may just be a flash back!

I see myself moving ahead of time..i see myself racing with the time..

there has been a moment, a moment which i feel is mine..

A victory which i feel is for me.. because everything i do..

will be the best that i can do at this moment where i do!

I am not looking back to what i did.. but i have enjoyed all the moments i have lived!

I look back not at the moments i was sad, i look at those as the moments where i began to smile!

A ray of hope which i know will never ever die... for i will always smile!

1 comment:

Shiva said...

Its a beautiful true... Its really good.. U can actually publish book about life.....