Saturday, 11 July, 2009

An imagination - a road!

With a smile so bright, an image i see which captures my attention,

I walk till i find that girl in the frame..the girl who caught my attention just with her smile..

A smile which came in my life..and took me away to a place where i stretch my arms and stay!

Stay for her till she comes.. the way she mezmerized and swept me away.

Its a day i stay there waiting for her.. an image i see yet again..

the image which took me further on my way.. i keep moving..

I keep exploring..until i fnd a way..where i see a young boy who looks like me..

Looks like he is talking to the image i had seen.. the girl right next to him..

The girl..saying with a soft feable voice that i can hardly hear..

the eyes which I had seen, had the glitter, which is reflecting Me!

My dream to meet the girl.. my dream to achieve the goal..

I learnt from my dream to chase behind things which you aim for!

Keep walking till you find it..keep moving till you achieve it ..

And this is the way i will achieve my walking through the road..

The road which is full of curves..a road which is more than just a path..

Its my goal.. and i am determined to achive it and i know god is there..

To make a path which will lead me there! Which will help me dream further! 

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