Monday, 31 August, 2009

How i kept up my faith when I knew it is to worsen!

Life revolves around family, friends, college, and more Fun..
A person who never cared for anything that could have happened!
A happy go lucky person by nature,..but cannot take a NO for an answer..
Learnt at a young age about how people and the world around you needed the positive
Saw the family who believed in helping the people doing things selflessly!
I thank my family for having me given the opportunity to fight my ways everytime..

A day never passed when i dint do something creative..till the time i felt I did it!
A go getter and a motivator..i held up a lot of things that came on my way..
Loved the subjects i studied and gave myself totally to what i did..
the passion.. the zeal.. the fire that i did everything was appreciated and gave light to things which were dark.
Just a day before the last day of college.. a day before the last exam of the subject i wanted to further study..
I was in the hospital.. getting a biopsy done..for the disease which is auto immune by nature and a disease which is not energy left in me..
Everyone thought and said leave the exam..i was determined to go to the UK and pursue my Dream.
A dream which i had seen for 3 years, a dream which everyone in my family had dreamt!
I wanted to complete the exam that was left..with droopy eyes and with no energy to write..
I gave the exam and went back home.. did not attend the calls nor respond to the SMS's
was just wondering was life really going to end?

Remembered what i was told a few years never quit and quitters never win..
I knew i could not pursue my dream..i was broken..many restrictions i have..
Many medications i take..things weaken me.. but my spirit and will is strong..
I shook myself and promised..never will i weaken my will..until i say a good bye.
I will survive till the time i bid adeau..i am here to accomplish my goal..
A goal which i decide everyday of my life!

I am glad to have taken such steps..and thankfull to my family who have held me at every weak moment!
Believed in me..and had the faith..i am here to be the best i can.


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tanuja said...

u r a true winner.