Sunday, 30 August, 2009

Movies and Books - Cut!

Read a lot of books, watched a lot of movies..cried at the twist and turns that happen!
Looked at the clothes..felt a little tempted to buy them.looked at the location.
Got a little dream of going and putting up there! The high heals and the dance moves..
The lights and the cars.. the roads and the hills... i dream a dream which i would like to be..
It changes..every book i read .. every movie i watch i see a little me that i wanna be..
It teaches me a lot.. i value the openness that films have got..
The dialogues and the songs. the emotions and the drama..
Its all true that happens with all of us!

When i read a book.. i thought it was funny to feel that way..
when i was in the same mood.. i behaved the same funny way...
life is all written like a book.. we just play the parts that we have been made for..

We meet a few we leave a few.. because we have to learn from what happens to us..
Be ready for the next.. its alwyas going to be fun.. when you look back and say!
God! Did i have nothing else to do? Did i just ract that way!
So let everything go just the way it is..dont fight for things that are not happening.
Its best to be like the water which is forever flowing!


Anand said...

aaw nice..when I read the title, I thought you were to going stop reading books..that wud hv been a shocker!

sravan said...

Thats a good one!! Live every movement happily...because yesterday was a History and Tomorrow is a mystery... So we only have in our hands is today and this moment! Kya patha Kal Ho Na HO...