Saturday, 15 August, 2009

How would it be!

A house which is between the lake.. a living which i can only just imagine about...
A cat which is just too soft like a bundle of cotton.. walks around the house..
I lay there and play with the water which keeps flowing..
Trying to see understand what i actually want to do with me..
A question arose as to what will i be after a 5 years from now?
I look at the clouds and i see an image of myself..
An image which shook me and when i look back at the water..
I just realize that its just going to be what i imagine and think of myself to be!

The water which flows all the time.. my thoughts are the same..
The thoughts which i make the thoughts which will make me!

Never did i realize of myself as the water which flows.. i will keep flowing..
As there is noway i can be at the same place where i am.. my thoughts have moved..
And so have I.. i am the same.. witha new experience.. which makes me just better!

I will survive with the best in me.. will try to make this life the best i could ever live!

I get the opportunity to knwo myself.. like the flowing river i will keep moving!

I look up again and see myself as the person i wished to be..
A person who is smiling all the while! The life which i will always want to live like!

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