Thursday, 20 August, 2009

Transition from Happy to Where is Happiness state!

Once upon a time...when i was a little girl.. just a few months old..
Things were just about ME...what i liked others did.. what i wanted others did..
No one actually minded when they did things for little me..

It was a state where i dint know what being happy or sad is!
Parents, relatives and neighbours what i did.. what they could do for little me!

I cried.. they all came to me and gave all that they could find to make me Smile..
they coochi coed me,.. they hugged me.. they loved me even when i gave them sleepless nights!
all i did was cry and smile..for everthing that i needed i had it all..

I grew up a little..i learnt to speak..i tried to immitate what i saw around me..
Did the same,spoke the same.. but still people said.. this is wrong!

I got confused as to why was it wrong when i heard from people around!
people said wrong and right which was all copied from them..

i started crying as they said i was wrong as till then nothing i did was measured..

Little later when i started to crawl.. i saw a boy and started to follow when he called..
I liked the lollipop which he showed me.. they stopped me.. picked me up in their arms..

Showing me the wicked eyes,.. they said.. baby this is wrong..dont trust a person or go out!!
This also took the freedom off going my way....this takes away a bit of happiness in me again.

I look at the bed and say a small prayer..god is this how happiness goes away!
dreams that i had the next day...God said.. live the life you want to live..

Rules are made by them.. not by Me..Follow your heart and trust thy self..
happiness is what you love to be and not what you are made by other there!

So now i realize why we are born happy and slowly happiness moves away...:)

Do what your heart says and this will never let a day be unhappy for you!

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Anand said...

Its great if you want to follow your heart, but a little check here and there are necessary..U can say, you want to drive full speed on the road, but your parents n elders are like the speed limit and lanes..Without those checks, you can crash anytime..