Saturday, 27 June, 2009

Be yourself!

A passion that is in me.. passion to do something which will be life changing for All,

hearts that will be touched to be a part of this.. a revolution that will be for all of us!

Children will do things they love doing..not things which others may want!

A school..where studies is about learning oneself..not about studying the books written by men who have lost their count on age!

A life which will be lived on their own terms.. a life which they will explore! 

which i will explore.. a life full of creativity and innovation will it be!

There will e no exams..there will be no results.. it will be the best form of learning..

Learning which will enhance our skills, our passion..

Doing things that may be out of the society's books of rules..

But still we do and take the responsibility to fail or pass...

Let the passion run and make the best out of thee, nothing can stop a mind which thinks,.

a heart that feels and a blood that boils in the passion to create a revolution..

to energize the positive and be the person you wanna be!

Rock..and roll.. dance to the tunes you like..sing what your heart says..

feel the difference when you do this.. you will see things happen the way you want..

just channelize it right.. the world will make it happen for you!

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