Sunday, 7 February, 2010

Traffic Jam - Jammed in Politics!

Looking at the jam packed roads, my head spins for the polluted air leaves me dizzy all the way,
the cars keep honking, the bikers keep cutting,

Students getting late to reach school,
Auto guys are standing and trying to look beyond the traffic..

All people start reading something on their phones, some people shouting at the delay,
some lucky ones get the time to talk to their love, a few fighting due to the delay to meet their love,

The sight of an old man trying to keep two people from fighting,
explaining that it was just a small scratch and no big deal,

a small kid crying due to extreme heat that is burning his skin,
the mother all worried on how to handle him...trying her best to cover her little one,

A group of foreigners trying to walk down their way..
Cops trying to control each ones impatience...they fail to explain their helplessness,

When asked a cop at a distance, he said " Madame, now a days the Ministers are careful"
They care for their time...and he laughed! I was not shocked..cos people at that INSTITUTION
always have their say..

All that i explained was all because the minister had to travel through that way!

None the less we are the people who chose them and we are the people who yell..
but not at them..its to the others who have not done this damage..

Lets chose the right people. If its one among us, let us be the same..
Lets value the time and lets schedule ours in a way that it doesnt effect others day.


Anonymous said...

Not a single politician is like Dr Rajendra and Jayprakash Narayan. Its very tough to live life with ordinary life with extraordinary thought.

tanuja said...

...... wat u said is really true how can we change this ? ? ? wat do u say regarding this... becoz talking about prob. is 1st step nd..... ????

prakash said...

Well said. But it is the fault of society where we live and it always payback you