Monday, 1 February, 2010

Culture - Tradition - Boundaries

Working all day..interacting with different sectors of people throughout,
life has so much color and we are all here fighting for a place, for a state, for a family... etc

Having been interacting so much to the rest of the world, all of us have the same emotion,
We feel the same pain, we laugh at the same jokes, we are happy to see a baby laugh,

Never understood why the boundaries, why the difference, why we create barriers!
when we are all made the same way..when we all have the same human form..

what role does that boundary play, what role does this different state play?
Is it beyond the humanity in us or is it to make it difficult for people to connect!

Lets all be the same, when the literature we read about the spiritual powers,
about the most powerful one - GOD says the same...are we here to differ to what HE says?

Or are we here to find why we are here for! Each of us has some power,
A unique being that we are, lets all unite and get in the country named HUMANITY!


Anand said...

I read this somewhere..While human beings are social animals, they need an enemy to fight and move up the ladder..That is why you'll see at least two sects of people anywhere you go..For eg: Hindus and Muslims fight in India..But separate them, then there wud be caste fights or sect fights within the group..

Bottomline is you can't help it..

sukumar said...

Loved this post. Very thought provoking!!

Navneeth said...

I agree with anand, the urge or greed for recognition makes man to do anything.Getting rid of the evils (kama krodha lobha moha matsara) is the way forward. But the question is r v ready for that

Anonymous said...

Religion then is not belief but the understanding of truth that is to
be discovered in relationship, from moment to moment. Religion that is belief and is only an escape from the reality of relationship. The man who seeks
God, or what you will, through belief which he calls religion, only creates
opposition, bringing about separation which is disintegration. Any form of
ideology, whether of the right or of the left, of this particular religion or of that, sets
man against man - which is what is happening in the world.

Anonymous said...

i don't want to comment on religious matters, as i believe in one supreme power. I need to say one thing here, above many have commented on this topics and you can find each share a thought in different manner sometimes idea may be same but people only agree it when we agree with them stating that there point is true then raises the question of differences which may lead many consequences which no one can control as it takes in its own form