Friday, 5 February, 2010

Old Lady at the Beach

A long way towards the beach... the road towards its seems to full of sand..
I can see a lot of footsteps which has different directions,
few coming towards me..and few leading my way towards the beach..

An old lady holding a stick to support her just one step ahead of me..
I walk a little faster trying to look at her..i was stunned at the mere look at her

A lady who must have been about 75 years age..with shinny white hair,
her eyes which were watery yet they could smile...,
her skin which was so stretched that i could see her eye bags...

Her hands trembling to hold her stick, her legs so feeble wearing those slippers,
her hunched back, her tiny little chin which was quivering..due to the cold breeze,

I was amazed at the strength the lady carried to walk uptil there..
after a few moments..i sat at the beach side and was making a few silly sketches on the sand,
the lady sat beside me on a chair and asked me...hey young woman..i saw you looking at me..
Are you surprised me to see me here..i said a yes and observed her eyes yet again..

I saw the most beautiful and honest eyes in my life..she touched my forehead,
It felt as warm as it would have with my grandmom, i asked her how come you are here?

She said..i come here every evening...she shared with me a few moments of her life,
she said " i come here and feel young..i remember the days when i came here with my partner"
I looked at her in silence and tears rolled down and she said..
I come here as there is a msg for me every day..i was puzzled..dint understand..

She stood up with her stick in her hand..took a deep breathe in and said..
The msg is on the sky by my life! It was a promise he had given me..just before he died!
The msg that pulls me here to read and go back and live my life...

She smiled at me and said.. love will never go even though the person goes away..
Love is eternal..nothing can let it fade..until you have it with you...

I smiled at myself...looked at my hands and smiled at the sky...
for i saw the msg that was written for her through her eyes!

It was a moment when that old lady turned into an angel for life....

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