Saturday, 6 February, 2010

Angel - Old People become!

Looking at the sky, a silent prayer i say..
A prayer which was very important for me for that particular day,

Long time back there was an angel who said, pray and you shall get,
i bend on my knees and make a prayer, think about the angel for me to stay calm,

A prayer that was made for the day which was an end of hope,
day that was so crucial for that made a lot of difference in our lives!

A day which indicated if humanity was there or dead,
people fight for small little things, family breaks for differences.

An employee abuses for a petty loss that had happened..
Are people finding reasons to shout and yell?

I saw a man, a man who had it all in him,
he was the man whom i have admired for all that he said and did.

I saw in him the person who has tried not to change the world but change things in him first!
I am sure that starts with a lot of WILL and self change, an openness to see things beyond,

Like i said the prayer which was very important, as i was wanting to be that way!
I prayed to God and Angels that give me the strength to make a difference in a positive way.

Let me be calm when i have anger in my heart and help me understand when there is no clarity!

Hope this prayer helps me reach a stage, where i am like the kid you danced in the rain,
who played even when he was ill, who went back to the mother who had yelled at her a few moments back,

like that old lady who came to see the msg every evening.

Like a flower who produces a smell when its crushed, i want to shine even in difficulties i face :)

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prakash said...

great way to explain the innocence which is the best part our life ad it get passed in childhood