Wednesday, 3 February, 2010

My thoughts - Feelings, Unconditional Love

A lot of times i have heard that people say that how do i express?
How do i explain, how do i tell her that she is the one whom i love..

At a college while i had to conduct a GD, i asked the same..
The debate on Valentines day...many a faces were pink..many turned red with Anger..

All i could say was..each one had a view.. a view on how they were brought up..
Being a student of psychology i refused to judge....i refused to comment on anything they said..
A lot of boys who had gf's said that they felt that was the "ONLY" day to express
Yes i stress on ONLY as mentioned by them..

A few who had some breakups said that it was too demanding!
It was too much to lose your own freedom..
Are relationships going beyond ones freedom and space?

Is it about what I say or is it doing what You feel like?
After a long debate..about why one should not have GF/BF because of the society...
because parents know the best and also because the feeling is temporary...

All true in their own way..all fine to the ones who say and believe!
Two things that came to my was why are so many of us complaining that
there are complications in relationship? is it ok, to give the space?
Why are people running behind temporary phases of demands and ego?

Are we not understanding enough that if it was meant to happen.. it would?
Its not just about a GF/BF , i as a daughter, as a sister, as a grand daughter..etc..
Am i supposed to hold on to those words when they were said out of anger?

Let me just take what i like and leave the rest..
While i was studying a very close person had told me..let go of the old baggage
Cos that will just hurt your own one can hold that baggage for you..
But it will worsen the state that you are in..let go of things that are sour...

Space to everyone is very important..phobia of losing a close one is suffocation!
Give the space and they will stay with you..
I thank my family and friends who have understood it and they are all loved..

Because i know how difficult it is to let go of the person,
let them fall and make mistakes and still be there to give them a shoulder to cry,

Thats what matters, cos i would never know the true feeling if i hadnt fallen..
Love is that of a mother's .

Put yourself in that space and you will never feel dejected...

I may not be 100% true with things..i write..but this is just to put in my thoughts..
Life is Love..every breathe i take i feel special..
cos i am there safe, happy and with people i care for!


Navneeth said...
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nisha said...

Thats why... the post is about my thoughts, feelings and unconditional love..i have a diff thought...:)