Thursday, 30 September, 2010

Nature Lets learn the lesson.

Golden rays that are shinning, giving us the warmth.
Waves that are crashing in up and down, breaking in the shore

I look at the sky blue and golden which shine through the clouds
Spreading warmth that fill each ones lives.

Long strands of grass that dance to the breeze just at the shore
Lovely pink flowers that smell so good.

Birds chirping and singing, sitting here holding my knees to my chest,
I sit down and think how could nature be so perfect and right.

Struggling through everyday, i learnt from nature that things change.
Forgetting the little things, nature has it set every day!
It rains, its hot, everything happens when its aught to happen.

Why do we not listen to nature, why are we so against it
We are running away from the happiness we want

Nature is perfect and i will be like her. I will stick to what i say and what i do.
I am here to say that nature is all that i love and live :)

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