Saturday, 25 September, 2010

At the sea side - I find

There was silence, there were no humans around
A star lit sky, moon shinning bright and high,
Looked like the clouds had just cleared there way to show the away

The water underneath could be seen rippling,
waves which were so calm that gave me so much peace,

Cold breeze alongside the path i reach a place where there are so many leaves.
The leaves which were dry, yellow dryness on them,
I crushed them under my feet and something pricked me..

A shell which had just left its mark on my feet, i picked it up and looked.
I could not see a thing, i played with it for a while and then threw it in the sea,
Silence so strong i could hear the shell dip in.

A few steps i stroll and see a few foot prints, which had the shape of a man's.
I walked over them, the impression covered half of mine.

I could sense the smell of a sweet scent, a fragrance which was close to me,
a fragrance which made me take a deep breathe once again..
Looked around here and there i find no1.. untill i stare at the end of the bay.

I see somebody's back with a transparent white shirt and blue jeans,
Hair which were cut with perfection, back which was muscular and in shape,

The perfect calves which were strong and long, hands which looked tuff,
i run clutching my locket, exhausted and tired running till i get to hold him,

i couldnt see him clearly cos until i reached him, i had lost my consciousness,
Looking here and there, i see a note right beside the bed,

Coffee is ready just down the stairs, waiting for you.. yours Love
I run down to see..and there he was the man whom i had stored in the locket i wore!


Shruti Ahuja said...

awesome mam.... too goodd...

Avatar said...

Saw your blog and read through some entries. Your writings are great.. wish I could write like you did too. Anyway, keep writing. All the best! :)

nisha said...

Thanks Shruti.
@Avatar: Thanks :)

amith said...

Nice ma'am ,,, enjoyed readying it.
Deep and thoughtful ...keep doing