Thursday, 30 September, 2010

Hobby - Soulful Dancing :)

Dancing to the tunes of the music i love,
I feel the rhythm in my body. Lovely beats to which i dance,
A soulful song is all i want. Breaking myself free from all the thoughts.

I make a move to the trance from the music that runs in my ears.
Lovely feel and lovely time.. this is all that would be mine.

Feeling like flying in the air, a curve which makes me blush in the air,
up and around i dance with my eyes closed, moves that run in my head
makes my body move to the soft music that runs me through.

Jazz, jive, salsa and rumba all the forms that i want to learn,
Dance is the only form which makes my soul free from all the thoughts.

The freshness in me, the passion in me is back again, just an hour of my lovely hobby
Has brought me back again :)

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