Sunday, 26 September, 2010

Memory - Forgotten

Snow that covers the lane, trees have got their cotton like cover on them,
Logs that are now not as strong, brown they are but very moist to touch them
Little girls, wear boots and run around here and there,
Old people are covered with red and brown winter wear!

Lazy i am and want to just sit near the fire pit with coffee in my hand and a book to read,
nice music that i hear from the near by church, carols and prayers make me feel so good.

Watery eyes that gaze at me, i read out a story to her everyday in the evening,
She waits for me to start, i look at her and ask, do you really listen to every word i say,

She replied " Honey, its not about the words..its the time you keep for me!"
I was surprised she could remember me, John she takes my name and tears fill in.

My lady who lost her memory has finally remembered me!

Love and peace!

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