Friday, 26 June, 2009


Transformation..from an infant to a child and then to an adult..

we undergo a lot many changes..a few we like a few we dont..

but all in all we pass through all..when things are bad..we crumble for a while..

the ones who cry are termed as week, the ones who survive without crying are strong..

is it necessary to judge them all? Are we the ones going through the form?

We may not be, but still we love to comment on what the other person could have been!

All of us have our plates of sorrows, all of us have our shares of happy moments..

everything it good be it bad..nothing can be with us forever!

Be it people you love..or people who brought you in this world..

The gap will be filled and that is how the world goes on.. 

I have to move on..have to be the river where flowing water cannot be stopped..

i explore myself..i move myself..i see myself..and learn what life teaches me..

Live it up..we have just one life..its too short to have the hag ups and fights!

Learn to forgive..learn to forget..cos we always connect for a reason..

Nothing is in our control..Neither your life nor your death..

All you have is the time between life and death..


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