Friday, 26 June, 2009

A little Difference ...

A little difference that we can make, a little smile that we can lend..

small little things that make a huge difference..sounds like we've all got used to the big life!

How very innocently we say that live life king size..but what would define the king size..

can there be happiness in giving? can there be happiness in a small room?

Life can be lived big, if we have the capacity to have a huge heart..

If things are not rationalized and just felt...if things are emoted just the way its felt!

No manipulation, no masks..all that your heart feels..all that you really mean!

How very important it is to very important it is for us to let go?

Life is moving on and we are stuck! Stuck at a place where we dont belong!

Innovate..create..explore..larger things than you can see is the vision which god has seen for US!

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