Monday, 1 June, 2009

A beach - A story!

A young beautiful lady with just the perfect shape!

A white sleek gown that she wore..walking at the shore of the sea...

Her golden curly locks which are tied half way..

Her feet leave the impression, as she walks past the shore..

Her long thin waist which shape up in the dress she wore,

Hands which have a bracelet which hangs on her wrist..

A diamond ring shining on one of her fingers..which struck me..there is someone on the other side!

I see a guy..who stands with his hands around her waist,

His jeans folded up showing his feet ..matching her steps..

A man who best suited her..he had a curve which was well built.

His face was one of those which those french men have..

The guy with the perfect voice which had depth!

His hand was just strong enough to carry any weight...

a hand which was soft to touch and made her safe..

The couple walked through the beach..the moon shinning up their face..

its a perfect match that i have seen..a perfect location where i would love to be!

Music plays..a table i see..a candle is i can smell..

This is the place where the man had proposed the lady.. 

This is the place where the lady had finally said a yes..

This is the place where there was silence yet a lot of things were said!

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