Wednesday, 3 June, 2009


Looking at a distant from the window i see the moon shine,

its glow is such which lights up the sky..the stars help in to make it look pretty..

The ocean below..the water running...the moons image which is distorted yet its beautiful..

the stars shine with their shadow in the ocean..colouring the ocean ..

A fragile image of a star..its more human...the strong figure..the moving image..

i keep looking at it..trying to capture the look of him..

the waves on the ocean make a soft music play in me..

my heart starts to sing and my feet crave to dance..

the craziness i feel.. looking at the image my heart beats rise..

I try to touch the reflection..and there is just nothing which changes!

Like a child i try to hold the person..not knowing its just an image..

I wake up from there...i run through in the air..feeling the calmness..

feeling the feat start dancing to a tune which only i could hear!

The tune which made me feel that there is someone there!

It may be heart felt so..

I dance my heart..i keep dancing..i sing out a song which i have never heard before!

Until my legs body can take it no longer! 

I see the man..walking towards me..the man who had seen me dance..

he was all that i could remember for when i woke up..


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