Monday, 1 June, 2009

My Journey - An unknown place!

A long road...with trees on both the sides.

A giant house..i look at it from the corner of my eye!

The house, its doors which are colored in brown..a rusted brown

which makes it look old and worn out..but as i go closer..

I see there is some magical feeling that surrounds me :)

I look at the house up and down.. there is a chimney from where there is smoke coming out

fear takes over me..i gain my strength..i push open the door..

and see its filled with all possible things which are years old..

I walk in..caughing and sneezing due to the dust..

looks like it has not been opened for years!

I walk though the door, i see a small pot which is painted..

faint image i can see, looks like there has been some tragedy.

I go up and check the rooms, i see a lady who is sitting at the window..

I take a step back..but she turns around..i try to speak..

But my voice is just not audible..she comes to me with trembling hands!

I look at her as she walks closer..she adjusts her glasses and looks at me..

Those wrinkly eyes..those snowwhite hair..the soft skin..

Oh my god!! I have finally found the lady i had lost years ago!

This is my journey..this is the lady..who means a lot to me!

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