Friday, 19 June, 2009

Naturally - Change

Changes...seems like a word which makes it feel so difficult!

How would it be if there were no changes..if things were stagnant!

When things get stagnant people get bored, when things change its difficult to adapt!

Why does one make it so complicated..? is it the control on situation that makes us comfortable?

I just wonder..what is it that we all look for?

In a stage where we all look for growth but fear the changes..

When we get a make over done or when we change the look of the house..

Does it feel  as doesnt..feels more comforting! 

What an irony...we all want change..but a change which is in our control..

Not the change where Nature is in control!

Change is a breathing is very needed!

So lets all think on how we can accept the natural change..

not trying to control the situation, the person or the event!

Let it be natural,just the way it is!

1 comment:

Anand said...

Not always..when we grow up and start working, we change and become more boring individuals..and for us to get the fun back, we always need see ourselves younger and to the time when we were kids., so you can enjoy life more..