Thursday, 4 February, 2010

A day when i came back

A blue sky...with white cotton like clouds...a lot of different shapes these clouds are in,
small little house..with some nice garden around it..
I see a lot of birds flying around, a small pond like thing surrounded by kids,

As i go closer to the kids, a smile on my face i can feel...
All kids making paper boats and laughing on how they race with each one!

Laughter i hear, crackling voice of kids make you laugh..
All my worries come to an end.. a chile is a bend on the road to worries..
As we grow we realize that kids are not the one who learn,
Its the people who have GROWN up, who need to learn, or may be UNLEARN things.

As they watch their paper boats sail.. a small girl in baby pink frock runs towards me..
She pulls my hand and takes me into the house which i was observing...
that little girl had such lovely eyes..she had the perfect smile and a perfect nose
which tempted me to carry her...

As we walk towards the door..there she says is your little home..
A home which is full of my pictures....i look at her and ask..
how do u know.. she says mom.. dont you remember!

I look at her amazed.. i look at the pics once again..
she shows me a few more rooms where i had been before..Rooms where i had lived,
Cant understand what had happened.. till she said hey MOM i am your little one!

I looked at her and carried her.. i cant remember anything yet she makes me feel the belonging,
My little girl had made me come back to the place where i belonged,
A place from where i had gone away sometime ago.

I realized i had a temporary memory loss as things were fading after the moments that passed,
wanted to capture the coming back of the memory but still it was not in my hands,
I left them once my place there had already been taken by someone else!


Rajat said...

Waah.. Waah!!

prakash said...

Hats off!
I have to start searching myself after reading this.

mehboob said...

Very touching , you made me cry

vineesha said...

Its amazing baby. Made me realize many things