Tuesday, 21 September, 2010

Realization - angels

Drop of water pour over my face.. i realize that things are as hazy as they can get.
Little do i know about the life i have lived, small small children make me smile..

I love the drops which touch my skin, thats the only reason i stand here
staring at the sky i feel the gush. Looks like there is a need to rush,
pain striking my head i see noone around, i feel that i have lost all the hope that i had drawn around.

Drops of water, turn into heavy rains, my body freezes as i see me faint.
Nothing can i hear, nothing can i see.. all i can do is remember the times i had lived.

A smile on my face, i know i have been taken, i can feel the people around now.
That was the day i was sure that god is always round!

He may not be seen, he may not be in a form, but always sends people and they are Angels :)

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Anonymous said...

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