Wednesday, 27 May, 2009

Listening to the Soul…

Listening to the Soul…

The sky which is in faded blue shade, the clouds which have a gray tinge to them,

The air which feels moist, the smell of the watery moist mud..

The trees are dancing in their place, the birds are singing in the air..

A young lady stands at the bay..small kids are running around playing their games,

An old couple sits there holding each other in their arms,

There are fishes which make the water in the sea look colorful .

Small little drops of water soon spread their shower..

We enjoy the rain drops that fall of our face.. little children make paper boats and play..

old people look at the romance that is in the air.. the nature says…

This is the time.. enjoy it to the max..

Leave your work for a little while..enjoy the beauty which is good for your eyes..

Look through the nature, enjoy the expression..

for no man will be able to express his love..the way nature does!

Feel the romance in it..feel the happiness it gives..

And this will be one of the best moments you may have lived till date! :)

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