Saturday, 30 May, 2009

Happiness is ME

Times when i thought about things but did not say them,
All of us would have gone through the same..once at least in our lifetime i can say..
What would happen if we start being honest to ourselves and say what we feel
not thinking that "how could i think that way?"

I think its a real tough thing when we be open to ourselves!
How is it that we do this ? How is it that we always be in the present..

I have realized it today that what i need to do is to Meditate!
I did that.. i prayed..i told God (inner soul) all that i feel!

I remind myself when i start feeling that i am pondering...
I remind myself to get back to the reality!
To the present i surrender myself and live how exactly i feel!

I just realized that all is written above and i am just a puppet in the hands of God,
The mistakes that i make, the positives that i do.. is all pre-written..
I am just the doer and HE is the one who makes me do all that I do!

Must not stay with guilt for things happened..must not let myself down..
I am just the person who lives with the flow..
I will accept the decisions that life has made for me..

The nature which has brought us the healing touch will be with me..
For i am not alone in this family which god has blessed me with!

The purity of life is like how a child lives.. he does not think of what he does,
He does it till he feels happy.. we all be like kids..innocent and happy..
For life is all but a bundled package of both experience and learning!!

Happiness is ME!

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Anand said...

I don't know if the problem with most of us is being honest to oneself.

I mean, I know all that I, that does count that I am honest to myself, rite..It is upto telling outside to the world where most of us think twice before doing so..