Wednesday, 27 May, 2009

Unborn Moments!

Does it mean that we have to make the day longer for it to be balanced?

Do people have the time to say a hi or so in their busy lives? It holds the same with me and you,

we have a day we spend a day but the day is just so normal like everyday,

i believe that there can be a change, where days are made special every time!

I need not have to just ask me..are you ok ?

The kind words, the soft arms..i wait for you to take me away..

The day has come when i will go and to you it feels like its just a joke..

I am away not by my choice but by my fate..

That was what the unborn child had to say!

Live with your dreams, live with your and express to what you are!

It will never come back if this day is gone.. remains a heart which is broken all along..

I only learnt that expression is the best way to say what they mean. :)

The roods look busier everyday, people keep on walking with just one aim..

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