Sunday, 31 May, 2009


Some say life is hard, some say its based on what we expect..

a few say life is a win and win again :)

Some feel life is fun, its about love and all you want..

I wondered..what is life..if it was pre defined..there would be no meaning to live so long!

Who am I? If i learnt by someone elses life!

What am I here it for the fun or the hardships that we go through?

I am not here to define what is life..until i go through all!

My life will be a mystery which will define life is a story..

which only i can read..its a passion which i will live!

Our life is what we make living it every moment!

Things come just to pass away! Every moment will come and go...

be it good,bad or something which take your breathe away!

Live it totally, enjoy it fully..everything is momentary :)

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