Wednesday, 27 May, 2009

The Imperfection in Me ;)

A morning which was just so perfect, a day which started with fun..

the conversations that made no sense,

the laughter that had no end.. the smiling, the gazing all that happened..

life seemed to be at a stage where i found a new me!

The learning that i did, the changes that i made,

I was loosing the person i had been..for it all had come to change a part of me..

I lived not me but what i see..i thought not from heart but what i was taught..

The day came to an end.. i learnt that its not what i have to be..

Just be what i mean.. just be yourself.. not for the world to say "oh how perfect she is"

But accept the imperfection that i was always born with !

I am imperfect and the imperfection is just too perfect for me to learn..

That being true to myself is all that i needed.. my emotions, my depth..

May not be understood by even those who knows me well..but still its me who i am going to live with,

I am the way i it perfect or imperfect..!

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