Wednesday, 27 May, 2009


A small little girl with eyes that matched the pearls in the ocean,

the brown hair covering her face..her small hands trying to make a mud house at the shore of ocean..

the small feet trying to take the weight of her body!

She looked at the people who passed her way.. there were children who played there, there were horses.

There were all the men adnd women who walked passed her.

An old man who kept looking at her from a distance.. he saw the girl fighting with the wind, with the waves at the shore and all the kids that played there..

The little girl with her small soft hands continued her play.. the old man could not wait,

he went to her..sat close to her and asked her ” hey little angel, what is your aim?”

She looked at him, winked at him and said.. hey granpa.. do you think the world would fit in this house?

The old man said ” no liitle angel..its too small for all to fit! “, she looked at him and continued,

the old man did not know what to do.. he sat with her and said.. what do u want to make this house for?

The little girl stood up and said! This is the house of love!

The house need not be big… but the house still has a lot of love.. my arms are small.. but my heart is big.. i cant hug u all but still you can feel all my love!

the old man looked at her and whispered a small prayer ” he said the world need some hearts like this little angel” let all be insppired and let all know the value of love!

the little girl turned at him and asked granpa why do people compare? why is it that people want to take things away?

grand pa had no answer.. he just smiled and walked away..

the little angel made her mud house and smiled and looked up the sky and said ” here is the house which is made of love!”

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