Wednesday, 27 May, 2009

Nature..My Institution of Learning.!

While i walked the road, i kept looking at the way the trees welcomed me into them,

The path which was covered with leaves which had fallen down, with some beautiful flowers which had dropped down to give place to small little baby flowers..

The sky spreading its light all through the path that i travel! The birds singing as though they are accompanying me! I walk silently listening to all of them speaking, i understand the language they talk!

I slowly start moving into a small cave like opening.. the darkness, the warmth, the cosy feeling that nature gives is all what they have.. the freedom to express.. the expression which many of us forget to read,

An expression which many of us take it for granted, our lives are all about feelings, emotions, expression and we take all of these for granted!

Nature is our institution of learning! Nature is our mother but do we hear her scream when she feels unprotected! When we cause harm to her? We ignore!

While i walk further inside the cave.. i am reminded of all the hardships that i had gone through my life! But as i keep walking i realize it wouldn’t have been possible to emerge out strong without the help of nature! :)

Nature is our source where we can learn, earn and make our lives a better place to live!

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