Wednesday, 27 May, 2009

Moving Ahead...

A long silence.. a long pause..a moment of discomfort,

A confused state, a mindless debate..why do i have to say the things i just told!

I am all on my own..i am fighting with myself if things are left to me.. i dint have any option but to choose this day..

I miss the way i thought when i was a little girl who had the way she wanted to do things!

why do people need to need to fight, why is it that there is just no freedom that i strive!

I decide the way.. i decide my life..still i rely on others to say!

why do we need opinion, why dont people say that yes this is what you will get, this is what you deserve!

Why is it so dificult for people to say ” i am sorry”? is it going to make them any shorter? Or is it going to kill them down..

mistakes happen, you realize it and change the way..why is it we still commit the same mistakes.

Is it by default or is it human nature that works that way!

I know the answers to all that i asked..lets just ponder if we are ready to change ourselves!

Are you rady to say “sorry” if you knew you made a mistake? if there was anytime you hurt someone?

I am on a move and i am ready to say a sorry for if i hurt someone this day!

Living life where we spread a smile not a tearful eye!

I am on my way..will you join is what i ask you today!?

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