Wednesday, 27 May, 2009

Inspiration :)

It was an early day, a day which inspired me to write!!

Early morning when the sun had not yet risen, dark clouds with a shine in them.. birds chirped around and found their way.

I sat at the window pane and just kept looking at it, admiring the beauty of the early morning turning into a bright day. The birds chirped and the trees swayed, it was a moment which was worth capturing in a picture frame!

A small little bird sat at a distance near the window pane, i looked at it..trying really hard not to move or make a noise which would fear the bird away.. the bird kept moving its head in search of food, i kept looking at it..its beauty was just amazing to look at! The shiny black cover of feathers on it, the yellow contrasting beak that it had, very strong nails to support its little petite body to hold its stay.. the bird was beauty which i can never forget!

The small eyes which were so deep, it had all the thing which people would fall for in just a moment of looking at it.. the soft skin that it had the curvy figure that it had.. i was falling in love with the nature who created this beauty!!

We forget that this is love, this is beauty! A freedom to express the way i wish! A freedom to say the things i mean! Love is all that we have and can give! It requires no money it requires no place. It just require a true heart and feeling which is pure to express!

The nature appeals to those who take the time out to know what the purest form of love is! I am inspired by the nature and the bird that inspired me to take time out to enjoy the beauty that exists every place

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